Michigan's additional vaccine eligibilities go into effect today

It's a big day in Michigan's vaccine world as eligibility expands to any adult who is 50 years or older. Those age 16 and up with medical conditions are also now eligible.

It's one of the last benchmarks the state is clearing before it opens up access to every resident in early April. 

Data from last week says that 27.1% of the state is already covered by the vaccine. That number is expected to climb at a faster rate in the coming weeks after Ford Field opens the country's first mass vaccination center on Wednesday.

"Very shortly, vaccinations are going to be available to everybody in this state, and that's going to be key," said Mayor Mike Duggan. "I am really hoping this summer, Detroit is completely open again but it's purely going to be 'did enough people get vaccinated?'"

So far, that number is moving slow. Only 15% of Detroit has been protected. About 109,000 vaccines have been administered at TCF Center - Detroit's hub for treatment.

A FEMA-organized and Henry Ford and Health-operated clinic will hope to boost those numbers more with an additional 330,000 shots over the next eight weeks at Ford Field.

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The venue's proximity to the millions of residents in Southeast Michigan will offer the region easy access to treatment. Detroit is also expected to announce its own vaccine timeline in the coming days that could look a little different from the rest of the state.

On April 5, every Michigan resident over the age of 16 will be eligible.

One can register to receive a vaccine here. More information on vaccine access can be found here.