Oakland County Prosecutor: 'No reason' to delay independent probe of Oxford School shooting

The Oakland County Prosecutor said there was "no reason" to delay an independent review of the Oxford School shooting that took place last November when four teens were killed and several others were injured.

In a statement, Prosecutor Karen McDonald said such probes of other mass shootings had "been conducted promptly" following the incident and there was no reason one shouldn't go forward at Oxford.

"The Oxford victims and the entire Oxford community want such an independent review, and they deserve it. The lessons we learn will benefit all of us," she said.

"After Sandy Hook, an Advisory Commission was formed consisting of experts in the fields of mental health, law enforcement training and response, designing secure schools, and public policy implementation. The Sandy Hook Commission then issued a 277-page report making recommendations in all of those areas."

The school board rejected state Attorney General Dana Nessel's offer to probe the shooting on Tuesday, opting instead for "more holistic third-party reviews" that will also assess the district's three-year plan. Three companies are being considered for the probe.

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Some parents were unsatisfied with that response, arguing for the need to know what happened on Nov. 30 when Ethan Crumbley went on an alleged rampage, firing indiscriminately at students and faculty.

"I want to know what happened here. I want to know what happened in this house. I don't even want to know to place blame, I want to know because this will forever affect my son and other people, and I want it to never happen again," said parent Renee Upham.

Parents of two victims also expressed dismay at the district's rejection of putting up a memorial honoring Tate Myre, Madisyn Baldwin, Justin Shilling, and Hana St. Juliana, saying it could be triggering.

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According to FOX 2's Charlie Langton, the facts will come out, with or without Nessel's investigation.

"There won't be a shortage of facts," Langton said. "They will come out."

Langton pointed to the five civil lawsuits, two criminal cases, and numerous Freedom of Information Act requests.

"We have no alternative but to move forward in terms of the civil cases and prove, that what everybody already knows, and that is that Oxford is in part responsible for this tragedy, so that it never happens again," said attorney Ven Johnson, who represents victims of the shooting.

With a criminal investigation already being conducted by Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald's office, it isn't clear what Nessel would do during her investigation. Langton also noted, the district may not cooperate because they are being sued.