Oakland County unveils heatmap of COVID-19 cases by zipcode

The Oakland County Health Division is giving more information about where COVID-19 is within the entire county as it grapples with more than a thousand cases, behind only Wayne County for the most in the state.

Southeast Michigan is the epicenter of coronavirus/COVID-19 cases in Michigan. Wayne County has almost 3,000 confirmed cases while Oakland County is second in the state with over 1,200 cases. 

County Executive Dave Coulter, the Health Division and the Emergency Operations Center gave an update on Monday about how the county is responding to the crisis. 

The county has released a map showing cases by zip code within the county. The map is being added to the county's dashboard which tracks the deaths, confirmed cases, and hospital admittance in the county.

The county map shows a higher concentration of cases in Southfield and in part of West Bloomfield. However, the county cautioned that regardless of what number of cases are in your city, you must still be vigilant and follow the state order of staying home.

The map is not indicative of where people caught the virus - only where they live. Coulter cautions that the data is just a piece of information but is not the most important part of what we need to know.

Track the map here on Oakgov.com

Coulter said he's growing more concerned about the status of hospitals in the next week as they're starting to reach their limits.

"We're entering a critical week where they're going to be at capacity and they're going to need our assistance," Coulter said. 

Coulter said they need 200,000 N95 masks and have had 40,000 donated by residents and businesses in the county.

Coulter said people can still donate items at Oakland County Farmer's Market at 2350 Pontiac Lake Rd, Waterford Twp, MI.

Sunday, Oak Park was listed as a 'hotbed' of COVID-19 cases as City Manager Erik Tungate said there seemed to be a higher level of cases in the city.

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Since the first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Michigan on March 10, Gov. Whitmer has declared a state emergency, closed all schools, prohibited gatherings of more than 50 people, restricted visits to hospitals and other facilities, closed public spaces such as theaters, bars, gyms and casinos, and limited restaurants to carry-out and delivery orders.  

Most recently, she's also issued a stay-home order. You can get details on what that means here

That was all in efforts to social distance and slow the spread of the virus. You can learn more about social distancing and flattening the curve in the video player above. 

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Symptoms for coronavirus COVID-19 include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. 

To protect yourself, wash your hands well and often, keep them away from your face, and avoid crowds and standing close to people.

Are you showing symptoms? Try Beaumont's virtual screening tool

And if you do find yourself showing any of these flu or coronavirus symptoms - don't go straight to your doctor's office. That just risks making more people sick, officials urge. Call ahead, and ask if you need to be seen and where.


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