One person dead after a fire in Warren apartments after midnight Saturday

Firefighters were able to contain a fire in an apartment complex in Warren after midnight on Saturday, but unfortunately, one person died in the fire.

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The Warren Fire Department responded to a fire at the Williamsburg East Apartments near Schoenherr Rd and Masonic.

A resident in the complex, Marilyn Bahoura, was live-streaming on TikTok when the fire alarm went off.

"So I get up over here, I see Amy, she opens the door and an explosion hits. There were 3 explosions exactly," Bahoura said.

Firefighters said there was fire coming from a second-floor unit when they arrived.

Bahoura was able to wake everybody up and get them out of the burning apartment building.

The only neighbor that didn't get out of the fire was Dan. His unit was the one on fire.

"At this point we just had to get out," said Bahoura. "As we were walking out the last explosion hit, and that's when everything just shutdown and just smoke everywhere."

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the one unit without it spreading throughout the complex. Unfortunately, the resident in that unit is deceased.

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"God said something to me - it was God speaking to me. It wasn't just me. I'm always on TikTok, but I wanted to go to sleep that day," said Bahoura. "That moment I just said let me go on for a little bit."

The videos are still very surreal to watch back.

"Even though he passed … we lost everything. We just didn’t even lose each other at this point. Just the fact that we tried … and my main goal was to save everybody," Bahoura said.

The fire damaged one unit and the attic. Smoke and water damaged the 7 other units in the building.

The fire is still under investigation.