Royal Oak encouraging residents not to mow their yard this month

Another city in Michigan is joining 'No Mow May,' the pro-pollinator initiative that promotes growth in habitats favored by the bugs.

Royal Oak voted on May 9 to support the movement, which encourages homeowners to hold off on mowing their lawn until the end of the month.

The Royal Oak Commission was encouraged by a group called the Bee Tweens - a collection of middle school students who live in the city and are passionate about protecting the environment. The group has been hard at work since last year to educate the city's residents about No Mow May.

By not mowing in May, the practice reduces greenhouse emissions, creates less sound pollution, while allowing habitats preferred by bees, butterflies, moths, and flies. 

Ann Arbor previously joined the movement, backed by city's environmental commission. 

No Mow May is not required of Royal Oak residents. The decision to cut back on cutting grass is voluntary. 

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Residents who do not cut their grass won't receive any notices from code enforcement during the month. 

The city also has signs available for $5 for anyone looking to signify their participation.

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