Samantha Woll murder trial: Map of suspect's phone locations shown in court

A map placing Samantha Woll's accused killer near her Detroit home was shown in court Tuesday.

Trial continues Wednesday. Watch above.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos is accused of stabbing the well-known Jewish leader to death last October. Though there were concerns it was a hate crime, authorities say it happened during an alleged robbery.

Investigators have used cell phone data and camera footage to place Jackson-Bolanos at the scene. A map shows where his phone pinged at the time prosecutors believe Woll was killed. Those pings put him near Woll's apartment on Joliet Place.

Michael Jackson-Balonos

An FBI special agent who testified Tuesday said the location points match up with footage of whom investigators believe was Jackson-Bolanos caught on security cameras in Detroit. 

Jackson-Bolanos was not the first person arrested in connection with Woll's murder. Her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Herbstman, was taken into custody in November 2023 after calling police in Kalamazoo and confessing to the crime. However, he was released and Jackson-Bolanos was arrested and charged in December.


Samantha Woll trial: Ex-boyfriend's recanted confession played in court

Weeks after Samantha Woll's murder at her Detroit home, her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Herbstman told Kalamazoo police he killed her during what he called a psychotic break in court.

Other evidence previously presented against Jackson-Bolanos included a small amount of blood on his jacket. His defense attorney Brian Brown said the amount was so small because his client was not responsible for the murder.  

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