Samantha Woll murder trial: Police interview with stabbing suspect played in court

On Monday, the jury saw video of an interview with Michael Jackson-Bolanos, the man accused of murdering Samantha Woll last fall.

Trial continues Tuesday around 9 a.m. Watch live above.

Jackson-Bolanos is charged with first-degree murder, home invasion, and lying to a peace officer stemming from the October 2023 stabbing of the well-known Jewish leader in Detroit. Authorities say the crime happened during a robbery.

"I don't know this woman. I don't know anything about the woman," he told police during his police interrogation. "I was in the wrong place, wrong time."


Michael Jackson-Bolanos in police interview: Admits to breaking into cars, says he didn't kill Samantha Woll

Michael Jackson-Bolanos admitted in a police interview that he was breaking into cars near Samantha Woll's home but insists he did not kill her, despite police saying they found her blood on his jacket.

Jackson-Bolanos admitted that he was in the area at the time of Woll's murder but said he had nothing to do with it. He maintained his innocence regarding home invasions or his involvement in Woll's death.

"I didn’t go in no homes," Jackson-Bolanos said. "This whole night I just went walking around. …I didn’t see nothing out of the norm, didn’t hear nothing."

During court Monday, the defense also called Jackson-Bolanos's former girlfriend to the stand. She testified that she was living with him at the time. She said he didn't come home covered in blood after the alleged murder, and he didn't seem different.

Prosecutors say a drop of Woll's blood was found on a jacket belonging to Jackson-Bolanos.