Sheriff searches for Erebus House shooting suspect, a woman's brain tumor battle, deadly stabbing in Westland

Several different narratives are forming around the death of a man killed near the Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac.

Family members of Douglas Reese, a 29-year-old Detroit man who was shot following a confrontation with another individual, say they have heard conflicting stories about what led up to his death.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office says it started when the victim got in line and an argument broke out.

However, that's where law enforcement say Reese did the right thing and left. While walking to his car, a suspect following him and started shooting. 

"When somebody is walking away from a situation or whatever, you don't follow him and shoot him, you don't do that, that's not ok," Reese's sister said.

Some witnesses say Reese had cut in line, angering the suspect. His family doesn't think that's true.

"We've actually heard six different stories, six different versions of what actually happened. We don't know what is the true story," Reese's cousin said. "He wasn't the type of person to take cuts in front of nobody, he was not confrontational, he didn't just look for trouble or anything like that."

The sheriff's office has released images of the suspect and pictures of the car he drove away in.

The suspect in a fatal shooting near the Erebus House in Pontiac

Unlock Michigan under investigation by state Attorney General

Michigan's top cop has begun a probe into the tactics of Unlock Michigan, a group that has spent months collecting signatures in an effort to repeal the emergency powers used by the governor.

Dana Nessel announced the probe following media reports that the group had engaged in dubious practices when collecting signatures. 

Audio recordings from a meeting between campaign workers and a company representative tasked with training people to collect signatures caught the leader promoting workers to leave petitions with store clerks and provide misleading testimony if they're deposed in a courtroom, but illegal practices.

In other cases, residents were informed they were told the petitions were to support LGBTQ rights and for medical marijuana initiatives before they would provide signatures. That's also illegal.

Republican lawmakers have spent much of the pandemic attempting a workaround Gretchen Whitmer's use of the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act, which has enabled the governor to declare hundreds of executive orders.

If a petition successfully made it to the legislature, Whitmer would be unable to veto any law that is passed.

So far, Unlock Michigan says it has collected more than 500,000 signatures.

Woman battling brain tumor receives act of kindness from an unlikely source

Since Valentine's Day, Haley Jo Renollet's life has been turned upside down. During the pandemic, she's received a brain tumor diagnosis, experienced memory and hair loss, and extreme fatigue. 

Then she had surgery for the tumor in the middle of her brain delayed. By the time she did have a procedure done, doctors were only able to remove between 40-60 percent of the tumor. She lost her job and health care in the process.

Weeks of radiation would soon follow.

"It's devastating - I basically have lost my life overnight," she said. "Everything I had worked my entire life for, was just stripped away from me."

It was only during her stay at Hotel Royal Oak did a break in the bad news finally come, arriving from an unlikely source.

"They're extraordinary people," said Holly Brasure, manager of the hotel. "I felt a connection with them and I called Jim immediately like we've got to help these people."

The hotel's attorney deeply discounted their stay. Shortly after, they covered the entire expense. 

"Your stay is totally free - it's all zeroed out," Brasure showed Haley.

If you want to help out Haley, a GoFundMe has been linked to the story here.

Westland police investigate deadly stabbing

Westland police are investigating the fatal stabbing of an individual early Tuesday morning.

Officers were at a home near Palmer and Merriman Road around 2 a.m., shutting down the roadway. 

Detectives spent several hours collecting evidence and capturing footage of the area. A Honda Civic was also towed away from the residence.

The area reopened around 6:45 a.m. and more details are expected later Tuesday.

Livingston County dog trainers teach mutts to sniff out COVID-19

A dog training business in Tyrone Township is training dogs to sniff out COVID-19 cases.

Deploying the same techniques for teaching dogs to sniff out bed bugs or blood sugar changes for diabetics, Lori and Jack Griggs use saliva samples from people who tested positive for the virus.

Soaking the samples in cotton pads, they are placed in clean paint cans that allow the dogs to sniff them. 

After they get the smell down, the trick is training the canines to prioritize the smells of COVID-19 samples over those without COVID-19.

When the dog finds the virus, it sits.

Detroit Police searching for silver Dodge Ram, man in blue jacket in early Monday strip club shooting

Detroit police have released footage of a man suspected of shooting six people outside a gentlemen's club Monday morning.

The suspect in question is a Black male who was wearing a light blue coat at the time.

All six victims are in their 20's, with two listed in critical condition. 

Police aren't aware of any motive behind the attack but officers did recover more than 12 bullet casings.

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First presidential debate is Tuesday, here's what to expect

President Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden plan to meet on the stage for 90 minutes in the duo's first debate this election cycle.

The first 2020 debate of the general election will take place at 9 p.m. EST.

There will be no masks, no handshakes, and only a few audience members, and the media in attendance. The six topics the two plan to debate will range from their records as public officials, the Supreme Court vacancy, COVID-19, the economy, race and civil unrest in cities, and the integrity of the election.

Audiences can watch the debate online at as well as on FOX 2's Facebook page.