Short barreled rifle, pistols, and stun gun found during traffic stop in Detroit

Police seized several firearms following a traffic stop in Detroit that had committed several violations while driving early Wednesday morning.

Among the items that officers spotted in the vehicle as they approached the driver's side window was a short barreled rifle in the back. 

The traffic stop happened around 3:15 a.m. 

Michigan State Police initially observed the passenger in the vehicle attempting to shove items into the glove box as they were approaching the front. 

After the two occupants were detained, police searched the vehicle and found two other pistols in the glove box.

A stun gun was also recovered from the center console. The rifle didn't have any identifying markers, which could mean the serial number had been filed off its surface. 

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Neither pistol was registered to the occupants in the vehicle, who could produce concealed license permits, leading to both individuals being arrested.

"We are continuing to look for and seize illegal weapons everyday." said First Lt. Mike Shaw. "We know that these illegal weapons are killing members of our community and will continue to be proactive in getting them out of the hands of criminals and destroyed."