Skulls, dolls, and more: Museum of Horror planned for Monroe

(Photo by Felipe Hueb/Pexels)

The Michigan Museum of Horror is opening soon in Monroe.

Skulls, skeletons, funeral items, dolls, witches, wet specimens, and more will be on display. There will also be a gift shop. 

More details, including the exact location and opening date, are expected soon.

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This is the second Museum of Horror that is in the process of opening. Work is being done to open one in Irish Hills with the world's tallest coffin, and other creepy displays. However, progress on that museum has been delayed due to upgrades that need to be done to the buildings.

The Irish Hills location will be part of HorrorTown, an area dedicated to horror movies dreamt up by filmmaker Nate Thompson.

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"They'll get that little Halloween itch in May or June, and they'll be able to come down and go through the year-round haunted house," Thompson said. "It's going to be the horror museum, the horror collectibles store, and then we'll have a horror theater as well."