Suspect ordered to trial in connection with murder of Oakland County Deputy Bradley Reckling

A suspect charged in connection with the murder of Oakland County Deputy Bradley Reckling is headed to trial.

Karim Blake Moore, 18, was arrested after the June 22 shooting that killed Reckling, a nine-year veteran of the force. Moore is charged with three counts of lying to a peace officer during a violent crime investigation and one count of resisting arrest.

Moore was bound over for trial on Wednesday after a judge in Detroit's 36th District Court heard evidence that he may not have been honest with police.

Reckling was part of the sheriff's office's stolen vehicle unit. They were called for a stolen vehicle investigation after a 2022 Chevrolet Equinox was stolen from Red Oaks Waterpark in Madison Heights during the day of June 22.

Around 10:50 p.m. that night, Reckling was behind the stolen Equinox in the area of Schoenherr and Park Grove streets on Detroit's east side when the vehicle suddenly stopped and the occupants got out. The suspects started shooting, hitting Reckling in the head and chest.

The suspects ran three blocks from the scene after shooting Reckling, said Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Penney during Moore's arraignment. But using a dog track, the suspects were located on the porch of someone they did not know.


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"Along the way, two guns plus gloves were found," a detective who testified said.

Moore was in the stolen vehicle, but told investigators he did not fire the shots, according to the assistant prosecutor.

He "admitted that he bailed out of the vehicle after shots were fired, and he knew that they shot at the police," Penney said. "The defendant, during his interrogation, was repeatedly asked 'Why aren't you giving us more information here?' He indicated something about being concerned about his safety in the community once he got out of prison."

During Wednesday's court hearing, a detective called to testify said that Moore told police that he didn't know who was driving or where anyone of his friends were seated in the stolen vehicle. 

According to Detroit Police Sgt. Reginald Beasley, Moore said he was headed to another friend's home with two friends in a white SUV when the vehicle stopped and everyone got out. Moore told police that he ran after seeing police lights and hearing a gunshot. According to what he told police, he ran because he didn't want to get shot. 

"This kid knew who he was running from, and why he was running," said the prosecutor. "That’s because shots were just fired at police. So he chose to absent himself from that scene after the sirens activated."

During Wednesday’s hearing, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office showed video of — who they say — was Moore running to a front porch after Reckling was shot.

Prosecutors say Moore was in the car as shots were fired - but lied to investigators hours later.

Moore’s attorney told the court, there’s not enough evidence to pin the crime on his client.

"What you really have in front of you judge is a squeeze, an ambush-utilized type tactic in the system to charge Mr. Moore with something so they can hold him," the defense attorney said. "Because there’s no evidence to suggests he killed Deputy Reckling.

"As it relates to the lying to the police, you’re talking about an entirely subjective analysis."

"This isn’t the action of somebody that’s trying to get away from people who are doing bad and he had no clue what was going on," the prosecutor said. "This is not somebody who’s a victim of circumstance. this is a guy in the thick of it. this is a guy who’s ride or die."

Moore remains on house arrest at his parents' home after posting a $50,000 cash/surety bond.

No other suspects have been charged yet.