Taylor Swift Detroit concert parking: Where to park and how to reserve a spot

Taylor Swift is coming to town. Assuming those planning on attending the legendary concert have already locked down their tickets, the next step is getting to the show.

The two-day affair will easily draw at least a hundred-thousand people. Ford Field will be able to accommodate visitors Friday and Saturday, but it will behoove anyone planning on coming to show to plan ahead of time. 

Unfortunately, Swift won't be the only figure putting on a show this weekend with the Detroit Tigers playing at Comerica Park. That could further complicate travel to downtown

Taylor Swift in Detroit: Everything to know before you go to the shows

Luckily, we got you covered for navigating Woodward and the expected crowds when the doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Ford Field Parking

Parking facilities surround the downtown venues with Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, and the parking deck located adjacent to Ford Field. Call 313-262-2871 for more details.

If you plan on parking at one of these locations, you'll want to get there early since they operate on a first-come first-serve. 

There are other parking locations at the Lions/Tigers Garage, McLaren Garage, 61 E. Elizabeth, and 850 Witherell that are adjacent to Comerica Park. 

Reserve a parking spot

If you don't want to get there early and take a chance, you can make sure you reserve a spot through the Detroit Lions' official parking app Parkwhiz. Click here to see event parking that you can reserve.

Naturally, the closer the parking is to the venue, the pricier the spots are. Just a few blocks away will cost someone at least $100. 

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However, if one tries parking on Michigan Avenue, which is 0.7 miles away, you'll only pay $5. 

Ride the QLINE

While Detroit doesn't have subways running in and out of the city, it does have the QLINE, a tram that runs along the Woodward corridor from Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit to the Fisher Building on Grand Boulevard. 

For those not interested in trying to park near the heart of the crowds, finding a spot outside of Midtown and then taking the tram is an easier option. Parking is available at Wayne Sate University and the Amtrak station near Grand Boulevard.

See the full map here.

Detroit People Mover

The Detroit People Mover is another public transit option that's available, though its reach is limited to downtown. However, those that find parking south of Campus Martius could make it easier on themselves if they ride the elevated tram.

There will also be extended hours on June 9 and 10 that keeps the tram in service until 1 a.m.