Third suspect arraigned on homicide charges in Egypt Covington case

A 28-year-old Toledo man was arraigned on homicide charges in the murder of Egypt Covington.

Michigan State Police confirmed that Shandon Ray Groom, a resident from Ohio appeared before the 34th District Court Thursday.

Shandon Ray Groom, 28, from Toledo, Ohio.

He is the third suspect to be arrested in connection to Covington's murder.

He was brought up on charges of felony murder and home invasion in the 1st degree.

The murder of the 27-year-old singer from Van Buren Township had remained open for years as police suspected Covington's killing was not random.

In early November, two suspects were arrested out of Van Buren Township in connection to the 27-year-old female's death. Both Shane Lamar Evans, 31, of Sumpter Township, and Timothy Eugene Moore, 34, of Toledo, have also been accused of murder. 

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Evans and Moore appeared before a judge in early November.

Shane Lamar Evans, 31, of Sumpter Township

Timothy Eugene Moore, 24, of Toledo, Ohio

Covington was found shot dead in her home in June of 2017. Three years passed with little progress made by law enforcement. Prior to Michigan State Police's inclusion into the case, the investigation had been headed by only Van Buren police.

Covington was a local singer and was known around Ann Arbor for her performances. 

Groom remains in police custody at a Wayne County jail while the investigation continues.