Tudor Dixon concedes Michigan governor race

Tudor Dixon has conceded her race for governor after Gretchen Whitmer pulled ahead in the late hours of election day.

In a statement, the Republican challenger said she called Whitmer to wish her well.

"Michigan’s future success rests not in elected officials or government, but all of us. It is incumbent upon all of us to help our children read, support law enforcement, and grow our economy.

"Thank you to our volunteers and supporters for working so hard to forge a better Michigan. We came up short, but we will never stop fighting for our families."

Both FOX News and the Associated Press called the race for governor hours after polls closed. Whitmer's lead, with 85% of votes being counted, had ballooned to 350,000 votes and 8 points.

Whitmer spoke during a morning press conference to cheering fans

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Races for secretary of state and attorney general have not been called, but both Democrats are holding leads in each race.

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