SE Michigan upgraded to Winter Storm Warning with new forecasts estimating 6-9 inches of snow

Over the course of the next 24 to 36 hours, Southeast Michigan is going to see significant snowfall - and we're not talking just a few inches. We're talking break out the big snow boots, hope you've got gas for the snowblower or a really strong back and a good shovel. 

Two systems approaching our area this week will have you reaching for your snow shovels, blowers, plows, and basically anything you can get your hands on to clear the snow.

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A Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect at midnight Sunday into Monday and won't expire until 36 hours later - at noon on Tuesday. Roughly an hour later, the snow starts to fall.

It will be about 1 a.m. when the light, dry snow begins to drop and, by noon on Monday, we expect to have about one to three inches of snow on the ground.

And you may want to clear that early because another one is coming.

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Up to 6 to 9 inches of snow is expected over the course of the next 36 hours as snowmakers push into southeast Michigan.


With round one gone, hopefully, you'll have had the time to get out and clear the driveway and sidewalk because it will make what happens next just slightly easier to clear.

The second system will approach from the south and this type of system usually pulls in more moisture, which produces higher snowfall totals for Michigan. Based on the current track, our second hit of snow will begin after 6 p.m. and won't stop until just before noon on Tuesday.

This snow will be heavier and wetter than the first. Preliminary totals were upgraded to an expected 6-9 inches for much of the Tri-County region. The National Weather Service announced that a Winter Storm Warning would go into effect Monday night around 6 p.m.

Original estimates put snowfall accumulation at 4-6 inches.

Between 2-5 inches of snow is expected for counties north of Flint, near Saginaw. 


So far, and this is subject to change as much of Michigan wasn't under a warning until late morning. Toledo, Cleveland, and Youngstown in Ohio have been under a Winter Storm Warning for totals where a foot of snow is expected since Sunday.

A shift in this system could bring heavier snow for us across the border.

This system has already shifted a bit over the course of the past few days as we've been tracking it.
This is a fluid situation so keep up with the latest right here at, through our free Fox 2 weather app and on Fox2 news.