VIDEO: Four shot outside Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit

Detroit Police are searching for the shooter after two groups got into an argument outside of the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit late Thursday night and someone started shooting.

The chaotic scene was caught on HD surveillance video cameras downtown outside of one of the city's four-star hotels.

Police Chief James White spoke about the shooting on Friday and said he lives near the area and heard the action before he was notified.

According to White, he lives just down the street and said two groups were beefing and, when one group pulled into the Westin, the shooters waited across the street before ultimately doing a drive-by.

The shooting was captured on surveillance video and showed several men hop out of a black SUV that was parked in the valet area. They were ducking for cover as a drive-by shooter opened fire on them.

One person shoots back but four men between the ages of 20 and 30 were hurt.

"The officers who were there heard the shots and was in that area. So close, in fact, that they ended up conveying at least three of the victims to the hospital," White said.

Police are still searching for the shooter and say this stems from a conflict between the two groups from earlier in the night.

It comes three weeks after a shooting near the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Campus Martius. Thursday night’s shooting is not connected to the Westin and White is telling people that, despite these two recent shootings, the area is safe.

"I still think downtown is safe. I’m not moving, but this is a sad situation and unfortunate situation and a situation where people are using guns to solve a simple dispute. We’re going to do what we can to constitutionally get them off the street," he said.

Friday afternoon, families were checking into hotels - including the Westin - and holiday decor lined the block. The shooting appeared, for now, to be a distant memory.

Those we caught up with downtown say it doesn't look good but they still feel safe.

Hopefully it can stay safe as downtown Detroit is going to get national exposure. First, the Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field and in 2024, the NFL draft and Final Four in 2025.

Police are increasing their presence downtown in a move they say is critical to keep people safe.