Waterford Township standoff ends after barricaded gunman surrenders

A standoff in Waterford Township ended after a man surrendered to law enforcement Friday morning.

Sheriff deputies, SWAT officers, and Waterford Township police were on scene for a barricaded gunman situation for much of the morning in northern Oakland County. 

Officials first responded around 8 a.m. The individual was seen walking out of the home around 11.

The scene was located near a home on Lakeview Street, a couple of blocks south of M-59 near Pontiac. Officers were assisting the Waterford Police Department, according to the sheriff's office.

Information later released from law enforcement said the scene started as a domestic assault situation that escalated into a barricade. Waterford police got a call around 5 a.m. to the street where a 34-year-old man had allegedly assaulted his mother. She fled the home while the man was still inside. He had a handgun and another female friend was inside. 

Officers heard several gunshots within the house before they set up a perimeter and tried contacting the suspect, but were unsuccessful. 

After several more failed attempts and another gunshot, the female inside was allowed to exit the home around 9 a.m. She told police the suspect had been drinking heavily and that he had passed out inside the home, which allowed her time to escape. 

SWAT Team members that approached the house afterward were able to establish contact with the suspect and negotiated with him to come outside. He was eventually taken into custody.

Parole agents from the corrections department were also on hand because the individual is currently on parole.

A handgun was recovered at the scene. 

Momentum Academy, a school nearby was on a low-level lockdown as a result of the scene, a school administrator said. No one was allowed in or out of the building, but operations continued to run as usual.

The official said they have been in contact with Waterford police. There are about 75 students and 25 staff in the building. The school is less than a mile west of the scene. 

Police could be heard on bullhorns calling for the man to come out with his hands up for much of the standoff.

When the individual emerged from the home, he could be seen wearing a white t-shirt. Law enforcement had the home surrounded for much of the morning. 

No one was injured during the incident.