'We've gotten a lot done': Gov. Whitmer breaks down the first 100 days of her 2nd term as Michigan governor

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sat down with FOX 2 to share what's been happening in Lansing since her second term started 100 days ago.

FOX 2: "One-hundred days. We were just talking. Does it feel like it’s been that long?"

Whitmer: "It’s been a whirlwind. We’ve gotten a lot done… We’ve been working very hard to make sure we repeal the retirement tax, expand the Earned Income Tax Credit that helps a lot of people in Michigan. We quintupled it. We landed a huge Ford investment."

FOX 2: "Your administration and the legislature passed tax cuts. Two-part question. How is that going to help the average working family in the state and is that enough? Is there more help that Michiganders can expect down the pike? 

Whitmer: "So, these two tax changes are going to put thousands of dollars back into people’s pockets. I think it’s over a billion dollars in tax relief that I have signed into law already. Repealing the retirement tax saves a half a million households a thousand dollars a year, quintupling the EITC is about $3,200 dollars in the pockets of 700,000 families and in those households reside a million children."

FOX 2: "House Republicans have said Democrats in the legislature have been passing, in their words, ‘secret budgets,' ramming things through, that’s what they say the Democrats have been doing. Your response to that?"

Whitmer: "Well, unfortunately, that’s sometimes the criticism of the minority party and they’re adjusting to now being in the minority and that’s ok. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but I will continue to make a seat at the table for everyone."

The interview included a discussion about the recent repeal of Right to Work.

FOX 2: "The Detroit chamber says it's going to weaken Michigan’s status in terms of competition. Some state Republicans have said the same thing. But your administration has said that this is good for working families. Talk about what that change means for the state?"

Whitmer: "Absolutely. So, in 2012 when my predecessor decided to strip away workers' rights without giving people an opportunity to even be heard the promise was all the sudden it would bring this boom in business in Michigan, and it would be the death nail for unions, neither of those played out. What did happen though was it made it more difficult for the average person to make sure they’re in a position to negotiate for decent wages, time off with their family and that’s why we thought that it was so important to restore these rights."

The governor also recently repealed Michigan's 1931 abortion ban.

FOX 2: "What were you feeling in that moment? 

Whitmer: Gratitude. Gratitude to the people of Michigan. Gratitude to all the volunteers who collected signatures. Gratitude to all of the stakeholders that, they’re so important in terms of getting this done. The people of Michigan spoke, and they spoke loudly that they expect to have fundamental rights for us and for future generations."

Another big topic right now, gun reform following the Michigan State University shooting, was also discussed.

Whitmer: "Parents and students and faculty and police are asking us to take action, and so I'm really pleased that the Legislature has moved forward on Safe Storage and Background Checks. We know the overwhelming majority of people support those measures. The overwhelming majority of gun owners support those measures."

We also asked Whitmer about former president Donald Trump's indictment.

FOX 2: "You’re a prosecutor. Your take on the indictment, all of these counts. Where do you see this going and what is the political impact you think?"

Whitmer: "You know, I’m not quite sure what to make of that. As a lawyer I know what I do know and what I don’t know and I think there’s a whole swath of information that we the public have yet to see so it’s hard for me to give you a legal opinion on that. I just know that the average person in this country wants leaders who do the right thing, who never forget that they work for the people and don’t get distracted by what’s going on in the national news, so I’m not going to spend any more time on that. I’m just going to stay focused on what I can do here in Michigan."

FOX 2: "You can’t run for Governor again right? Are you going to run for president? 

Whitmer: "I get that question a lot. I tell people I’m so grateful to have a second term as governor. I am going to do everything that I can every day that I’m governor to make sure that Michigan is in the strongest position as we can get it so that whoever succeeds me, I can be proud to hand it off to the next person and that’s my only focus."