What's next for Crumbleys • Hall of Shame fake mogul heads to prison • Livonia shooting suspect sentenced

James and Jennifer Crumbley are now awaiting their sentences after juries found them both guilty.

The parents were both convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the Oxford High School shooting.

They will be sentenced on April 9.

Involuntary manslaughter is punishable by up to 15 years in prison in Michigan. The court does have the discretion to do consecutive sentencing, which, due to the four counts, would be 60 years. However, the maximum they could get will likely be 15 years. 

Jennifer is expected to appeal her conviction, and James may do the same.

According to FOX 2's Charlie Langton, appealing a jury verdict is rare. However, because of the implications of the trials, there could be a chance. 


James and Jennifer Crumbley: What's next for parents of Oxford High School shooter after convictions

Both James and Jennifer Crumbley are now awaiting sentencing after separate juries in Oakland County found them guilty of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the Oxford High School shooting.

Prosecutor reacts to James's conviction 

After the jury stayed late to deliberate and deliver James Crumbley's conviction on Thursday, prosecutor Karen McDonald held a press conference. 

McDonald prosecuted both the cases against James and Jennifer. 

"These were egregious facts in this case. These parents could have prevented this tragedy," McDonald said. "(It) was foreseeable, with just the smallest of efforts. They could have prevented this shooting and saved these kids' lives, and protected the hundreds of kids in the school that day, and all of the members of the Oxford community that it devastated – with just basic, reasonable, ordinary care."

McDonald spoke about gun violence becoming the number one cause of death for children in the country, and called it a public health crisis.

"We will not be able to address it until we start treating it like a public health crisis," she said. "And yes, access to guns is a critical piece of that, but it's not the only piece. We have to focus on prevention … So I refuse to take a victory lap with these prosecutions. It will not bring back these kids. We have a lot more work to do."


Prosecutor: James Crumbley guilty verdict in Oxford shooting won't 'bring back these kids'

"I refuse to take a victory lap with these prosecutions. It will not bring back these kids. We have a lot more work to do," said Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald.

Woman sentenced in fatal Livonia liquor store shooting

A Detroit woman received a 5-17 year sentence for killing another woman outside a Livonia liquor store last summer.

Lania Juleiah Conn was sentenced to five to 17 years for second-degree murder and felony firearm charges stemming from the murder of Markayla Sadler.

An argument inside a liquor store in the 13820 block of Merriman spilled outside, where it became a physical fight on July 18, 2023. During that fight, Conn is accused of shooting Sadler in the head.

Cory Leniel Campbell, a 25-year-old Detroit man who was an acquaintance of Sadler, returned fire at Conn and a 24-year-old Warren man who was with her, police said. He was sentenced to two years probation in December for carrying a concealed weapon because his concealed pistol license was expired.


Detroit woman sentenced 5 to 17 years for fatal shooting outside Livonia party store

A Detroit woman who pulled the trigger in a fatal shooting outside a party store on Merriman Road in Livonia, learned her fate Thursday.

Hall of Shame fake mogul heads to prison

Rob Wolchek put Roscoe Copeland and Dawnn Lynn Long in the Hall of Shame back in 2017 for taking upfront fees for home loans, then never delivering the loan.  

Now U.S. Attorneys in Virginia are sending them off to federal prison. They were convicted for conspiring to obtain more than $650,000 in advance fees from people seeking loans.  The pair had victims all over the country, from Detroit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Virginia.  

Copeland was sentenced to six years and Long, sentenced to one year and one day. Both were also ordered to pay more than $600,000 in restitution in the decision, which came down last month.

According to court documents, Roscoe Copeland, 49, was the founder and CEO of Alexis Realty Solutions LLC which claimed to be an alternative funding source for prospective borrowers seeking loans for real estate purchases.


Hall of Shame fake mogul sentenced to federal prison in Virginia

He targeted customers with poor credit ratings and offered unrealistic interest rates for home loans. After getting upfront fees, no one ever received their loan.

Stacks of Trenton power plant imploded

Before the sun came up today, the smoke stacks of the Trenton Channel Power Plant came down.

The stacks were imploded as the demolition of the old coal-fired plant began. The demolition will be completed in two phases.

DTE retired its two coal-fired power plants in Trenton and St. Clair at the end of 2022 when it announced plans to transition to cleaner energy production. Both helped foster economic growth and military production before and after World War II. 

Watch the implosion at the link below:


Trenton Channel Power Plant demolition begins with stack implosion

The smoke stacks of the Trenton Channel Power Plant came down Friday as DTE began the demolition of the building along the Detroit River.

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Judge denies Trump's request to dismiss classified documents case

Former President Donald Trump’s felony classified documents charges won’t be dismissed on constitutional grounds, a federal judge ruled Thursday afternoon.

Trump’s attorneys had filed a motion for U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to dismiss the case, claiming he was legally entitled to keep the records he’s charged with illegally retaining after he left office.

Cannon, who was nominated to the bench by Trump, didn't immediately rule after the hearing concluded Thursday, but made it clear through her questions that she was skeptical of Trump’s attorneys’ arguments.

Her decision was released a few hours later.

"Although the Motion raises various arguments warranting serious consideration, the Court ultimately determines, following lengthy oral argument, that resolution of the overall question presented depends too greatly on contested instructional questions about still-fluctuating definitions of statutory terms/phrases as charged, along with at least some disputed factual issues as raised in the Motion," she wrote.