Winter Storm Warning: Detroit's plan for clearing streets during snowstorm

The city of Detroit presented its plan Tuesday for how it will handle this week's snowstorm.

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It has already declared a snow emergency, meaning you have until midnight heading into Wednesday to get your vehicle out of the road if you live on a snow emergency route.

"If your car is parked on the snow emergency route, it's going to be ticketed or towed," Duggan said.

As for the roads, the city’s Department of Public Works says it will have crews ready to salt and clear them.

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"Within the city of Detroit we've got 673 miles of major roads that our city crews will be clearing," said Ron Brundidge, the director of the Department of Public Works.

Duggan said 50 crews and drivers will be out for 12 hours then replaced by a crew of 50 new workers.

Residential streets will be cleared by contractors. Normally contractors are not sent into the neighborhoods until all the snow has stopped, but Duggan says this snow event will be different.

"Our intention is to send them out Thursday at 6 a.m. even if it’s still snowing, and we have talked to the contractors and said, 'If the weather reports are right and the storm continues to Thursday we're going to send you out a second time,'" he said.

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The city is asking that residents remove their vehicles from the street if you can to make plowing easier. If you can't, you won't be towed as long as you aren't on a snow emergency route.

Duggan said the Department of Public Works has been dealing with staff shortages and people out with COVID-19, so the snow removal will be slower than usual, but the job will get done.

"If this had been two weeks ago when we had 20 or 30 people out with Covid, we'd be in a lot worse shape," he said.

Additionally, business owners are urged to do the right thing.

"There will be $1,000 fines for businesses who dump the snow from their parking lots onto the street," said.

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