Liz Lewin

Liz Lewin


When it was time to take the next step in my career, I knew one of the most important decisions for me would be location. Where did I want to be? Where could I see myself re-rooting? Where could I make a difference? Where could I thrive?

When God presented me with the opportunity to move here, to Detroit, to join the Fox 2 Family, things fell into place quickly and organically - and I couldn’t be more THRILLED about my choice. I LOVE this city and the people who make it….and when it comes to my team…well the energy you feel when watching us…it is REAL.

I’m a Buffalo girl - born and bred. My home is my heart. Within weeks of moving to the "D," I realized quite quickly just how similar these two cities are - their sense of pride is tangible, history surrounds you, and resiliency is part of their fabric.  I am so blessed to have an opportunity to grow in a city that feels so familiar and yet offers so many new things to learn!

I’m a true artist at heart, one with a passion for communicating. I started acting when I was 4 years old…doing as much stage theater as my parents would let me! When it was time to attend college, New York City called me to the bright lights. I went to Fordham University in Manhattan, where I studied performance theater. Ultimately, as fate would have it, I graduated with a degree in Communications & Media Studies, with a minor in Spanish Studies and continued to pursue acting on the side. I knew, while I might not end up an actress, I knew no matter what I chose as my career, I had to genuinely "connect" with others. An "audience", so to speak.  And well,  that’s exactly what ended up happening. My love for journalism stemmed from that desire…the desire to help, to connect, to enlighten and to make a difference.

I continued my studies at SUNY Buffalo State College and Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications where I pursued a master’s degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

My career has been far from linear, but it has been purposeful every step of the way. I have experience in politics, public relations, teaching, and various other arenas all of which have elevated me as a journalist. As Shakespeare once said, the world is a stage and we are all merely actors. I want to explore as much of this "stage" as I can…meeting different "actors" every step of the way.

I grew up in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual household. My mother was born in Guantanamo, Cuba and my father was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I’m a PROUD Latina who STRONGLY believes in the power of representation. My passion for community-based journalism stems from my own personal  experiences as a child…exploring the world and familiarizing myself with the inequities and injustices around me.

To the Motor City, I can’t wait to explore, learn and share new experiences with you all! Thanks for embracing me and I’ll see you ‘out and about’…on one side of the screen or the other! If you have a story…it’s worth telling…I want to hear it, share it and be part of making a difference…together!


1, 2, 3….GO!

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