Detroit snow totals: how much to expect Thursday and Friday

This week has been highlighted by brutal cold and now snow as winter weather in Michigan is settling in for the next few months.

Thursday morning, most of Metro Detroit woke up to around an inch of snow on the ground – but we expect a bit more to fall before we get to the weekend. 

Metro Detroit is out of the frigid temperatures, for now, but this round of winter weather is now bringing a few more inches of snow. A layer of wet snow fell Thursday morning, just in time for the commute. 

That made for a tricky drive in to work and school for many people – but did not cause a lot of school closings. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation traffic map, there were slowdowns throughout Southeast Michigan, including on I-75, I-94, and I-96.

Around noon on Thursday, that snow that we're seeing will be just about done – leaving about an inch or two on the ground for most of us.

This is Michigan in winter. 

By Friday morning, however, we'll get a bit more snow on the ground – making for another slippery drive in to work.

How much snow?

All told, we expect up to three inches of snow on the ground – especially for places further south like Adrian and Monroe County. But as you move farther north, cities like Ann Arbor and Detroit are going to see more like two inches.

Northern Oakland County may only get an inch of snow – if that.

Don't expect to break out your snowblower for this stuff. Unless you just want it to be less pain on your back. This snow won't be particularly thick or wet, nor will it take long to clear.

Will schools be closed on Friday?

There weren't a particular lot of school closings on Thursday as temperatures bounced back from the brutal cold we endured in the early part of the week. That was largely the reason schools were canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday's snow may have slowed things down but it didn't cancel school – and it's unlikely it will happen again on Friday for most communities.

Parents in Monroe County schools should keep an eye on our school closings page, as there is expected to be more snow there than other parts.

How does the weekend look?

Good news for Lions fans – the snow will be over by Friday and we'll have a dry weekend.

But it's going to be cold again – with temperatures in the 20s and teens.

For tailgaters on Sunday morning, temperatures will be just 7 degrees.

But there's even more good news – by the middle of next week, we'll expect to see temperatures in the 30s and 40s – which means much of this snow will start to melt away.