Metro Detroit weather: Heavy rain this weekend with 3 inches possible in some areas

As a beautiful Thursday comes to an end, the weather pattern is about to change dramatically across Metro Detroit with up to three inches of rain possible between Friday and Monday.

The rain started to bubble up in the northern part of the metro Detroit area and central Michigan Thursday around 3 p.m. Those storms will fizzle out but the next several days are going to bring multiple waves of rain and it's going to be relentless.

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Here's why. A boundary is stalling out over northern Michigan, allowing warm and humid air to really settle into southeast Michigan. With that warm and humid weather comes occasional summer showers.

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As for where it will be heaviest? That will be in mid-Michigan, in the Saginaw area specifically, and near Flint where they could see 2 to 3 inches of possible from Friday until Sunday at 5 p.m.

While this will be good for the drought conditions, it could create a lot of flooding concerns. So if you're out and you see ponding on the road, don't try to drive through it. Turn around and find a different route.

It starts with Thursday night into Friday morning's spotty showers and possible heavy downpours. Friday will be cloudy and breezy with thundershowers.

And for Saturday, Sunday and Monday - just copy and paste that because nothing is changing.

It's going to be warm, muggy, and wet for basically the next five days. So have an umbrella, poncho, or canoe handy.