Michigan Snow Forecast: When and how much snow metro Detroit will get Friday

Who doesn't love a good March snow storm?! Right!? Oh... Well, then, I'm sorry.

Starting early Friday morning, we will see a snow-making system arrive in Michigan. As early as 7:00 a.m. we may begin to see the first snowflakes fall, especially in areas north of I-96 in Livingston, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. 

The snow will continue throughout the morning and most of the afternoon. By 10:00 PM on Friday night we should begin to see some of it tapering off.

The snow will not be falling consistently during this timeframe, however. We will see periods where it will start and stop depending on where the heavy moisture lines up. Of course, this will play a role in official totals, which will vary by location.

Starting in the southern communities of Lenawee and Monroe counties, snow totals will be significantly less. An inch or less of snow is expected, while some areas may not get any at all. 

Traveling north into Washtenaw and Wayne counties, we expect between 1-2 inches for most locales. The higher numbers will be further north still in Oakland, Macomb and Livingston Counties. This "zone" will receive between 2-3 inches with some spots perhaps getting slightly higher than that. 

The overall bullseye will be in mid-Michigan with totals ranging between 4-7 inches.

Precipitation will end late Friday night and the snow is expected to stick around through the weekend. Temperatures for most of the weekend will be in the mid and upper-30s, so don't expect mother nature to help us too much with snowmelt. Get out there and shovel.

And then watch temperatures jump to the 50s next week!