Detroit Police say mom changes story, says she accidentally shot her child

Detroit Police say the mom of a 4-year-old girl who said her child was shot during an attempted robbery is now saying that she accidentally shot her own child. 

Detroit Police confirmed to FOX 2 just after 3 p.m. that a 4-year-old had been shot in the arm and leg on Brush near East Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The child is in critical condition but is expected to recover.

Police Chief James White spoke Friday afternoon and said the mother of the child initially said they were coming home when a man tried to steal her purse. She said she resisted and the man then shot her child twice.

According to White, the child was hit in the leg and in the arm. White said that the little girl was in the hospital with critical injuries.

White said around 4 p.m. that they were still trying to make the pieces of the investigation fit and are getting a search warrant for the apartment. 

Around 4:50 p.m., Detroit Police said the mom later confessed she accidentally shot her child and it was not a robbery as she had originally stated.

She said she was cleaning her firearm when she accidentally shot her child.

"We hope to find out more once we get the search warrant signed," White said. "Regardless of how this story comes together, the bottom line is we have a 4-year-old baby shot at this house. We're going to put all of our efforts into getting the person who shot them, believe it. Our officers are going to work this case and we're going to get this person into custody."

The woman is currently in custody.

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