5th suspect arrested after 11-year-old girl shot in Detroit

A fifth suspect is in custody in connection with the Detroit shooting of Lamara Glenn, who will be taken off life support Friday.

Lamara was sleeping on a couch at her aunt's home on Pennsylvania near Gratiot and I-94 when more than 20 shots were fired into the house early Tuesday. The 11-year-old girl was shot in the head and has been fighting for her life all week.

After the shooting, police immediately arrested four suspects but were still looking for a fifth. That suspect was arrested Thursday, police said.

"Now, I have nothing. They took my only kid, my only baby. I don't have nothing," said Brandy Crenshaw, Lamara's mother. "(It's something) I never imagined ever thinking about, that I would have to do to my daughter as young as she is."

Police said they believe the suspects are connected to other crimes, including the theft of around 20 vehicles from car dealerships. One of those vehicles was used in the drive-by shooting that injured Lamara. Another one of those vehicles was connected to a fatal shooting last week.

"We are confident in the investigation and the direction it is headed," Detroit Police Chief James White said in a statement. 

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