Woman joins girl in middle school fight, kicking child in face

A fight was caught on camera recently outside a middle school - but in this case, an adult joined in.

Roseville police believe the woman who joined that fight is about 30 years old. and will likely face felony assault charges. They are actively working to identify her and to prevent fights at the school.

The troubling video from Roseville Middle School is now the focus of a police investigation. It shows a woman in a gray hoodie jumping into a fight between two students. She’s said to be related to the girl in red.

They quickly overwhelm the other girl who we are not identifying —  the adult kicks her twice in the face.

"Very hard to watch. as a parent, it was hard to watch," said Roseville Deputy Police Chief Mitch Berlin.

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Berlin said the incident in question happened last week around 7 a.m. before the start of classes. Someone called 911 and officers responded to the scene and rendered aid to the student who was beaten up.

The other student and adult had already left.

"Our detective bureau is working on it diligently and should have charges coming forth relatively soon," Berlin said. "And just hope that person decides to turn themselves in and expedite the process."

WATCH: Woman wanted for joining beating at Roseville middle school 

FOX 2 reached out to Roseville Community Schools for comment but has yet to receive a response.

"That’s the worst problem, is that an adult is involved," said Brett Stone, a Roseville Middle School parent. "I mean it shouldn’t happen anyway. But now that an adult is involved, you would think something’s going to happen obviously."

"And the fact that we didn’t get notified about any of that," said Jamon Benson, another parent.

FOX 2: "A little offputting?"

"Definitely alarming, bro," Benson added.

These Roseville Middle School dads say the school did not notify them about the fight that took place on school property.

They say the woman in the video who joined the fight, should have broken it up or deescalated the situation.

"Definitely that’s what you supposed to do as an adult - common sense," said Benson. "No brainer."

"Definitely disturbing, you know, we got kids who go here man."

Police say Roseville Community Schools is cooperating with the investigation and that officers will be at the schools every morning to make sure this doesn’t happen again.