Americans, Canadians show sympathy for people protesting COVID-19 mandates at Ambassador Bridge

People on both sides of the Ambassador Bridge said they have sympathy for people protesting COVID-19 mandates in Canada.

"I just think people should have the option of like either take the vaccine or not, so it really should be up to every, each individual," said Ranya Issaq, who lives in Windsor.

"The Freedom Convoy is not just a Canadian issue or an American issue, this is an international issue," said Chris, who gathered with a few friends near the bridge in Detroit to show solidarity with the protesters in Windsor.

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Protesters have been blocking the Ambassador Bridge since Monday. The goal is to amin there until Covid vaccine mandates and other restrictions are lifted.

"It’s time. We have been in lockdown for two years. We’re the No. 1 country with the highest vaccination rates. We’re sitting at 90% vaccinated population across Canada, and we still have the tightest lock-downs. We’re done," said Windsor resident Tami Tedley.

The Ontario Superior Court issues an injunction ordering the protesters to move by 7 p.m. Friday. However, the protesters have remained, and police have not started to remove them as of late Friday night.

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Canadian leaders have been telling protesters to stop blocking the bridge. The blockade has caused supply chain disruptions in both the United States and Canada by blocking travel between the countries.

Tim Harrison, of Royal Oak, said he tried to take a delivery of about a dozen pizzas to the protesters but got turned away in the tunnel.

"The U.S. cashed my check, they took my money to get through and then Canada said, ‘Get the hell out of here,’" he said.