An attempted kidnapping in a Novi Kroger, Clinton Township's massive Halloween display, 3-day job fair

The parents of a 12-year-old girl had to fight off a man multiple times as he attempted to grab her while the family was grocery shopping in Novi this weekend. 

Mathias Mangone, a 24-year-old Dearborn resident, is now being held on a $1 million bond for the attempted kidnapping. 

Authorities say the scary incident is a reminder that even in the safest places, danger can lurk.

"The mom, who's the true hero in this story fought him off and he ran away, but then he came back and he again tried to grab her, at which point she fought him off again," said Lt. Jason Meier with Novi Police. 

"This is proof these things can happen anywhere, even in the most safest communities.," he said.

The incident happened at a Kroger in Novi on Grand River Avenue on Oct 24 when the girl was with her mom, dad, and sister. Police were eventually called around 7:41 p.m. after the man repeatedly tried to gab the 12-year-old.

Mathias Mangone, 24, of Dearborn

A source confirmed that Mangone later told police he enjoys abducting little girls.

Considering the admission, police are asking parents to take a look at his mugshot and report if they've seen Mangone commit any strange behavior. 

He's since been charged with assault with an attempt at sexual penetration and attempted kidnapping. 

Wayne County kicks off three-day job fair

Jobs, jobs, jobs - that's the mantra from Wayne County for the next 72 hours where a collaboration with the community college nearby has hundreds of positions from dozens of careers open needing to be filled.

Beginning Oct. 27 at the downtown campus of Wayne Community College will have on-site interviews, exams, and job offers for specific positions. The program is intended to focus on people interested in careers in criminal and civil justice, business, and public health. 

Those that need access to a computer can find availability at the Center for Learning Technology at the Downriver Campus in Taylor. Applicants should have a valid driver’s license, three professional letters of reference, and their most recent education transcripts (if applicable) when attending the job fair.

The second day of the career fair will be at the WCCCD Northwest Campus on West Outer Drive from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Oct. 29, applicants can participate and apply for jobs virtually. 

Shootout suspect in rap video turns self in

The man who fired off several rounds outside a home in Pontiac has turned himself into police after a federal arrest warrant was issued for him. But what gave Tylique Campbell away before he was identified as a suspect was a music video he showed up in.

"Mr. Campbell was in a rap video online with weapons that resembled the ones recovered from the shooting scene," said Lt. Sam Marzban, of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Part of the video was recorded at the scene of the shooting. The guns recovered there were inside a backpack that looked strikingly similar to the video that was posted. 

Marzban says the September shootout is still being investigated, as are other cases in which Campbell is a person of interest. No bystanders were injured, but the neighborhood was shaken after it appeared someone was firing indiscriminately nearby.

Campbell is being investigated for possible involvement in two other Pontiac shootings, Marzban said as well. He's currently in custody in Chatanooga Tennessee.

Video of vehicle involved in shooting of Detroit teen released

Detroit police detectives are working to find the person who fired shots into a house hitting a 15-year-old boy, in a front bedroom with two other kids. On Tuesday night DPD released a video of a vehicle of interest suspected to be driven by the shooter (see above). The type of sedan is difficult to make out and the color of the car appears to be darkly colored - either gray or black. 

Investigators say the gunman blindly shot into a home full of people hitting the teen, who was there for a sleepover. "Today has not been a good day for our department, knowing there is a 15-year-old in the hospital in critical condition," said Rudy Harper, 2nd deputy chief. "The family could use all the prayers, they need a miracle right now." 

Around 1:30 Tuesday morning shots rang out, at least 13 hitting a home off Stahelin near Seven Mile and the Southfield freeway. "We're sort of used to hearing gunshots around here especially up on Seven Mile," said a neighbor. 

Detroit police don’t believe this was a random shooting and say, the child was not the intended target. But the motive is still unanswered as of Tuesday.  Crime Stoppers – quickly upped the reward to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case. Detroit police are leaning on the community, to call 1-800-SPEAK-UP. 

A massive Halloween display in Clinton Township

Take a drive down Colman Street in Clinton Township and you can’t miss it. "They've got chopped up body parts and stuff," said neighbor Katie Blair. "Kids love all the Halloween stuff whether it’s scary or not," said Brian Reetz.

Homeowner Joe Bemben is one of the people behind the large spooky display. "From little to 100 years old, the smiles on their faces," said Bemben. Of course, it didn’t start out like this seven years ago, it was a much smaller affair. But over the years it’s grown and evolved and now includes a total of five houses on Colman Street and if you think it’s scary during the day wait until you see it at night.

They call it chaos on Colman Street. "Last year during the pandemic, we went a little bigger than normal and we saw the turnout," said homeowner Matt Gregory. "Hundreds of people every single night."

And then they saw the potential for something bigger than a cheap thrill. "Someone is like we want to give donations, and we were like, we don’t take donations - this is for the public. We want you to come and enjoy it just as much as we do," Gregory said. "And then it all clicked." They went all in, putting the care in scare. It started by raising money and canned goods for Gleaners Food Bank.

You can find more information on how to support their causes on their Facebook page Chaos on Colman Street.

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Enforcement of indoor COVID-19 vaccine mandates appears uneven across US

Go out for a night on the town in some U.S. cities and you might find yourself waiting while someone at the door of the restaurant or theater closely inspects your vaccination card and checks it against your photo ID. Or, conversely, you might be waved right through just by flashing your card.

How rigorously vaccination requirements are being enforced varies from place to place, even within the same state or city. Proof of vaccination is required in several American cities to get into restaurants and bars, enjoy a concert or a play, catch a movie or go to a ballgame.

Ticket agents dutifully ascertain the vaccination status of everyone passing through the turnstile at pro sports venues in some cities from Seattle and New York, and restaurant hosts do the same in many places. In other locations, vaccine checks are cursory at best. Sometimes it's practically done on the honor system.

"There are some businesses that say they check for vaccination proof, but they are not even checking," said Jay Matsler, of Palm Springs, California, who was visiting San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf with his partner during a stop of their cruise along the California coast.