Detroit Police arrest second person in murder of mom of two

The Detroit Police Department announced on Monday that they had made a second arrest connected to the murder of a mom who was shot and killed outside of her home after dropping off her children at school.

The second arrest was announced Monday afternoon by names were not released. It came the same day that the first person connected to the murder of Andrea Tucker was in court on different charges.

Tucker's boyfriend, David Hammond, was in court on Monday for violating his bond by fleeing the state. The bond was connected to a domestic violence and arson case involving Tucker.

Tucker was shot and killed in her driveway after dropping off her two kids at school on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

"As she pulled into her driveway, she was approached by a suspect, from behind by a suspect, and shot to death in her driveway," said Detroit Police Chief James White.

After her murder, Detroit Police were able to track Hammond to a Toledo motel before he eventually returned and was arrested with $14,000 in cash.

Hammonds' attorney, David Steingold, said his client left the state for a valid reason.

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"My client took off until he could gather his thoughts, call me, get the money that he thought he might need if he was charged with murder because we didn't know what the situation was," Steingold said.

Hammond has been out on personal bond since 2020 when he was first charged with four felonies in the domestic violence case.  

Just days before Tucker's death, she said that Hammond was stalking her and even put a GPS tracker on her boyfriend's car and she filed a police report. That was five days before she was killed.

Steingold said Hammond has a solid alibi as he was in a virtual court hearing on those 2020 charges.

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"My client couldn't have committed this crime at 9 o'clock on the 18th. He was in a Zoom session with this court. To suggest that my client is still a person of interest is nonsense, it's absolute nonsense," Steingold said.

Monday afternoon, just a few hours after Hammond's court appearance, Detroit Police said a second person was arrested in connection to Tucker's murder.

"The suspect that we have in the case is related to our person of interest, Mr. Hammond, who we took into custody last week," White said. "We are going to bring some closure to that family. Officers have worked tirelessly to get the suspect and the person of interest off the street. We are very confident that we've got the person in custody for that murder.

Hammond is still a person of interest in Tucker's murder.

The judge revoked bond for Hammond in the 2020 charges and had his bond set at $300,000, which his attorney said he won't be able to make.