Innocent bystander killed outside Detroit hookah lounge was mother of 4

Family of Alaysia Jones are crestfallen after the mother of four became the latest victim of gun violence in a tragic shooting outside a hookah lounge in Detroit.

They were expecting her to come home last Friday night after she had visited Hookah Life on Detroit's west side, off of Seven Mile. Now, they're left to figure out how to care for her kids as the grapple with the hole in their lives.

"You took an innocent lady's life and left kids to grow broken. They will never get over this. I will never get over this," one family member told FOX 2.

According to relatives, Jones was an innocent bystander who was standing near a food truck when an argument escalated into something deadly.

"I was told a fight escalated between two guys. It was closing hour and they got put outside," family said. "It escalated and more got involved, and the shooting started. They started running and she took one in the back. 

"My friend told me at the hospital, she turned around and thought she was behind her."

Family of Jones were too nervous to reveal their identities, concerned about the shooters. But they're pleading to the public and community that if anyone knows who was involved in the fight that took Jones' life, they're desperate for answers.

Gun violence had already left the family stricken after Jones' oldest daughter had her dad murdered in 2017. Now the 12-year-old is without either of her parents.

"Think of a child that lost both parents to gun violence before your freaking 13 years old," family said.

Police have also implored any witnesses with pertinent information to come forward. 

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While no arrests have been made, police did shut down the hookah lounge after ordering the business to stop running as a medical marijuana dispensary.

The business says its permits are up-to-date and isn't aware of a medical marijuana license. They added a statement sending condolences to the family of Jones.

"Our condolences go out to Alaysia who lost her life Saturday morning outside the hookah lounge. Women should not keep on losing their lives to gun violence. To her family, I know nothing I can say will heal what you have lost, we pray for you…"