Jaylin Brazier's sentencing for Zion Foster murder • A look inside Michigan Central • Ticketmaster data breach

Jaylin Brazier will learn his sentence Monday after a jury found him guilty of killing Zion Foster.

Brazier claimed Foster, who was his cousin, suddenly died while the two were smoking weed in 2022. He told police he panicked and threw her body in a dumpster.

Foster's body has never been found. Despite this, it took a jury just 30 minutes to find him guilty of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

After the conviction, Foster's father had a message for the jury.

"Thank you. You saved a lot of lives today. You saved a lot of families heartbreak and misery," James Royster said.

He also had some words for Brazier.

"You thought you were smart, you tried to be slick. The people saw you for what you are," Royster said.


Zion Foster murder: Cousin Jaylin Brazier to be sentenced for 2022 slaying

Two years after Zion Foster was reported missing, her cousin Jaylin Brazier is looking at prison time for her murder.

A look inside Michigan Central

After years of extensive renovations to rehab the blighted former train depot, we're getting our first look inside Michigan Central.

When Ford bought Michigan Central, the once great transportation hub had been vacant for 30 years. After the last train rolled out in 1988, it was left to rot with no certain future. Many plans were proposed for the space, but nothing came to be. Some suggested making it into a casino or a police headquarters. Others pushed to tear it down. However, it is on the National Register of Historic Places, so demolition wasn't an option.

So, Michigan Central stood empty, save for the vandals and urban explorers who traversed the large building. 

After decades of decay, Ford Motor Co. bought the building in 2018 and crews began working meticulously to restore what could be saved and recreate the elements that couldn't. 

Tours start later this week, but you can take a look inside now:


Inside Michigan Central: Take a photo and video tour ahead of this week's grand opening

Michigan Central in Detroit is reopening after decades of being abandoned and years of renovations by Ford. Take a look inside at the work done to the historic train depot that once saw upwards of 4,000 travelers a day.

Ticketmaster data breach

A data breach investigation is underway at Live Nation's Ticketmaster subsidiary, which dominates ticketing for live events in the United States.

Beverly Hills-based Live Nation said in a regulatory filing Friday that on May 27 "a criminal threat actor'' offered to sell Ticketmaster data on the dark web.

According to other media reports, a hacking group named ShinyHunters claimed responsibility for the breach in an online forum and was seeking $500,000 for the data, which reportedly includes names, addresses, phone numbers and some credit card details of millions of Ticketmaster customers.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Live Nation said it was "working to mitigate risk to our users'' and was cooperating with law enforcement officials. It said the breach was unlikely to have "a material impact on our overall business operations.''


Live Nation investigates Ticketmaster data breach, customer data offered on dark web

A data breach investigation is underway at Live Nation's Ticketmaster subsidiary, which dominates ticketing for live events in the United States.

Gas prices dip

Gas price averages in Michigan dropped to start the week, according to data from AAA.

Drivers are paying an average of $3.55 a gallon, down 11 cents from this time a week ago. This price is 9 cents less than this time last month and 1 cent less than this time last year.

In Metro Detroit, averages are down about 7 cents, with a gallon costing $3.56.

"Pump prices across Michigan are down as we enter the month of June," said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group. "Lower gasoline demand, increasing supply, and falling oil costs could push gas prices down further."

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Toyota recalls over 100K Tundra trucks, Lexus SUVs

Toyota is recalling more than 100,000 pickup trucks and SUVs in the U.S. over the potential of machining debris inside the vehicles’ engines.

The recall covers certain Toyota Tundra pickups and Lexus LX SUVs from 2022 through 2023 model years. The recall covers approximately 102,000 Toyota and Lexus branded vehicles.

Toyota warned in a recall notice on Thursday of the possibility of "machining debris may not have been cleared from the engine when it was produced."

"In the involved vehicles, this can lead to potential engine knocking, engine rough running, engine no start and/or a loss of motive power," Toyota said. "A loss of motive power while driving at higher speeds can increase the risk of a crash."


Toyota recalls over 100K Tundra trucks, Lexus SUVs over engine debris

Toyota is recalling certain Toyota Tundra trucks and Lexus LX SUVs in the U.S. Here’s what to know.