M-14 fatal shooting under investigation • 16 charged in fake elector scheme • Family grieves girl's death

A person was found dead inside a car after a suspected shooting on M-14 near Ann Arbor on Tuesday.

The body was found in a car along the shoulder of the west side of the freeway near Earhart Road around 4:25 p.m. Police said the victim had been shot.

Investigators are searching for a suspect and working to piece together what led to the shooting. 

Witnesses told police they saw a man in a hoodie driving a black four-door older model sedan speed away from the scene.


Victim found shot to death along M-14; police search for suspect

Michigan State Police are investigating after a person was found shot to death inside a car along M-14 in Washtenaw County on Tuesday,

16 Michigan residents charged in alleged fake electors scheme

Sixteen Michigan residents have been charged for their role in a false electors scheme during the 2020 presidential election.

The charges include conspiracy to commit forgery, forgery, conspiracy to commit uttering and publishing, uttering and publishing, conspiracy to commit election law forgery, and election law forgery.

Among those charged include Meshawn Maddock, a former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. She argues that she did nothing wrong and says Attorney General Dana Nessel is "using her office as a weapon against the citizens."

"We didn’t do anything wrong. We know we didn’t do anything wrong. We’re not fake electors. I was a duly elected Trump elector. There was no forgery involved," she said.


Ethan Crumbley's request for removing life without parole denied

Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley wanted life without parole to be removed as a possibility from his sentencing. 

However, a judge has denied this request to change sentencing guidelines.

Crumbley pleaded guilty to all charges against him last fall. However, he can't be sentenced until a judge considers his case since he is a teenager and is facing life in prison. The hearing, known as a Miller Hearing, is scheduled for July 27.


Family grieves 10-year-old's death

A Southfield family is grieving a 10-year-old girl who died unexpectedly Friday.

Monae Pace was at cheerleading practice when she collapsed. Her family is still waiting for an autopsy to find out how she died.

"We were finally about to branch off, and I was like, ‘Have fun at practice. I love you,' and those were the last words I said to her," her cousin Trinity Paige said. 

As Pace's family waits for answers, they are arguing people to appreciate who they have while they are around.

"Tomorrow's not promised. Please love and hug on your people that you're really close with because you never know what might happen," Paige said.


Woman gives birth behind shipping container

A man couldn't believe what he was seeing after a woman gave birth behind a shipping container in Detroit on Tuesday.

"I heard her say, ‘Come out here! Come out here! You are going to come out of here!' And then it got quiet," he said. "The next thing I knew I heard a baby crying."

When the woman, who he said he knew was pregnant because he said he had seen her in the area before, came out she was holding a baby.

The man called for help, and the woman and baby were taken to a hospital.


Woman gives birth behind shipping container in Detroit

A man who was on the scene said he saw the woman walk behind the shipping container before he started hearing her shout. "The next thing I knew I heard a baby crying," he said.

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House Republicans propose planting a trillion trees as way to address climate change

As Speaker Kevin McCarthy visited a natural gas drilling site in northeast Ohio to promote House Republicans' plan to sharply increase domestic production of energy from fossil fuels last month, the signs of rising global temperatures could not be ignored. Smoke from Canadian wildfires hung in the air.

When the speaker was asked about climate change and forest fires, he was ready with a response: Plant a trillion trees.

The idea — simple yet massively ambitious — revealed recent Republican thinking on how to address climate change. The party is no longer denying that global warming exists, yet is searching for a response to sweltering summers, weather disasters and rising sea levels that doesn't involve abandoning their enthusiastic support for American-produced energy from burning oil, coal and gas.

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