Man found guilty after Detroit firefighter killed during road rage shooting in Troy

Terrell Josey

On Wednesday, a jury convicted a man who shot and killed a Detroit firefighter during a road rage incident in Troy last summer.

Jurors found Terell Josey, 28, guilty of involuntary manslaughter and possessing a weapon in connection with the July 5, 2021, death of Lt. Francis "Frank" Dombrowski.

Josey will be sentenced Sept. 19.

Lt. Francis Dombrowski, DFD

Lt. Francis Dombrowski, DFD

Troy Police said Dombrowski, 55, was driving when he got into a bit of road rage with a woman driving a white Jeep Cherokee. Police said the two drivers were each driving south on Rochester and both pulled into the Shell Gas station parking lot at Wattles.

Gas station security video showed Josey and Dombrowski confront each other in the parking lot. That's when police said Josey pulled a gun and shot Dombrowski three times in the stomach. Josey then got back into the Jeep when drove off on Wattles.

Early the next morning, Troy Police said Josey and the woman arrived at the Troy Police Department and turned themselves in.