Mark Latunski, accused killer and cannibal, in court for hearing in murder of man he met on Grindr

Mark Latunski, the man accused in the gruesome murder of a man he met on Grindr in December 2019 was back in court on Friday for a hearing after he was deemed fit for trial earlier this month.

Latunski was found competent on Oct. 5, a little more than nine months after Kevin Bacon, a man he met on Grindr in December, was found dead in his basement after going missing on Christmas Day.

The 50-year-old had previously pleaded insanity and was ordered to a lockdown mental health treatment facility in Ypsilanti. However, under Michigan law, even if being found unfit for trial it can still be reviewed. Once declared unfit, defendants start a 15-month program for treatment. During that time, a judge can call a hearing to determine of competency has been 'restored'. If that happens, the defendant is returned to the court system for either a plea, trial, or another way to resolve the case.

He made his first court appearance on Friday where even more gruesome details of Bacon's death were released.

Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant James Moore testified what it was like inside the house when they found Bacon's body.

"He was found hanging from some sort of pulling system," Moore said. "Blood spatter was on the west wall."

According to prosecutor Moore, Bacon had a fantasy in mind when he met Latunski online.

"Kevin Bacon did have a fantasy," Moore said. "He told Latunski he wanted to be ganged raped,"

According to investigators, that sexual fantasy took place in Latunski’s Shiawassee County home. Latunski, who did not move while in court, said that fantasy turned into something else.

"Latunski stated that Kevin Bacon explained to him that he had been suicidal in the past. The discussion began how Latunksi could make his body disappear," Moore said.

Latunski allegedly told police they discussed various ways to kill Bacon but settled on one resulting the least amount of pain.

"Latunski suggested using a knife to stab him in the back of the spine below the skull. Latunski stated once that idea was suggested that Mr. Bacon said 'okay, do it,'" Moore said.

However, Latunski said he heard Bacon make a noise and he slit his throat. That's not where the graphic scene ended.

"The agreement between Mr. Bacon and Mr. Latunksi was that he was going to end Mr. Bacon’s life as a result and then he was going to utilize his body for dinner," Moore said.

Investigators say a griddle was used to cook Bacon's testicles. It was later tested for Bacon's DNA.

Prosecuting attorney Scott Koerner argued that when Bacon met up with Latunski, this wasn't part of their plan.

"Kevin Bacon thought he was going to have fun evening of casual sex with an experienced older man," said prosecuting attorney Scott Koerner.

In a statement to FOX 2, attorney Doug Corwin from the Public Defender's Office said that the case is not one of murder and asked for the court to add a count of assisted suicide. That request was denied and both sides will now move forward and go to trial.