Opening Day forecast • How to watch Tigers home opener • Detroit Tigers party guide

Baseball returns to Detroit today with the Tigers first home game of the season.

Detroit takes on the Oakland Athletics at 1:10 p.m. at Comerica Park.

The Tigers are heading into Opening Day with only one loss after falling to the Mets on Thursday.

To watch the Tigers, you'll need a Bally Sports Detroit account or a pay TV provider like Comcast, DirecTV, or FuboTV. Alternatively, you could tune into FOX 2 Detroit for the game.

If you want to listen on the radio, 97.1 The Ticket is the place to tune in.


Detroit Tigers Opening Day: How to watch first home game at Comerica Park

It's been years since the Detroit Tigers kicked off a Major League Baseball season as strongly as they have in 2024.

Opening Day forecast

Today is going to be cold, and at times, unfortunately, rainy.

The widespread rain we had earlier this week is gone, but the wet weather isn't completely out of the question.

Morning showers will linger in Metro Detroit, though the rain won't be persistent. There is a chance for spotty showers through the midday. Occasionally, some snowflakes could be mixed in with drizzle. By 3 p.m., that rain fades. 

Bundle up if you're heading to the game. Highs are only forecasted to reach the mid 40s today.

At first pitch, it will be breezy and cool with temps around 42 degrees.


Detroit Tigers Opening Day forecast: Cold with some spotty showers possible

It'll be a cold day for Tigers fans heading to Detroit to tailgate or watch the home opener Friday. Rain showers are also expected to linger into the afternoon as the Tigers take on the Oakland Athletics at Comerica Park.

Opening Day celebrations

Some bars are already open in Detroit for fans pre-gaming Opening Day, while other celebrations get underway soon.

From free parties to bar events and even a fundraiser where you can take some swings at the old Tigers Stadium site, there's plenty going on ahead of the game.

And if you don't have tickets, there's no shortage of places to watch the game both indoors and outdoors.

Find Opening Day parties:


Detroit Tigers Opening Day: Things to do to celebrate return of baseball

Tigers Opening Day is basically a holiday in Detroit, and there's plenty of ways to celebrate and catch the game around the city.

Comerica Park bag policy

Don't wait until you're at the Comerica Park gate to find out what you can and cannot bring into the game.

Major League Baseball rules dictate what fans can and cannot bring into the game - and the restricted list is long, so look it over now.

All items will be inspected before you enter the ballpark, and some items, such as bags, must meet certain guidelines. For example, single-compartment bags, wallets, and clutches that are smaller than 4 inches by 6 inches by 1 ½ inches, with or without a handle or strap, are permitted. Bags, purses, and clutches larger than this are not allowed.

With rain in the forecast, umbrellas are thankfully allowed, but they must meet certain requirements. They can only be small and collapsible; umbrellas with metal tips and golf umbrellas are not allowed.

See the list of allowed and prohibited items:


Comerica Park bag policy: What you can and cannot bring to Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Headed to Comerica Park for Detroit Tigers Opening Day on Friday? There are some items you'll want to leave at home.

What's new at Comerica Park

For the fans in the seats, they can expect several new options from some familiar names in Detroit.

Let's start with the food. Fan-favorite Green Dot Stables is back for its second season. This year, they'll be serving cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and a mystery meat to match the game. One of which will be the pirogi grilled cheese, featured on Polish Night against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But that's not the only Detroit eatery represented. Detroit's Marrow Restaurant will take over the taproom to serve up several delicious sandwiches.

Or if you're opting for no carbs – head to Breadless.

But themed meals won't be the only thing on the menu. The Tigers are also adding themed drinks. Like during 90s night, they'll have the neon smash.

Beyond the food and drink, fans will also notice new speakers and screens throughout the park to enhance the experience.


What's new at Comerica for Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Here's what's new at Comerica Park for the 2024 Detroit Tigers season.

Live on FOX 2

Daily Forecast

As noted above, it's going to be cold and sometimes rainy today.

Non-Tigers related news we're watching

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  2. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking public opinion about deer as it works on its Deer Management Initiative. A survey is open for comments and feedback.
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Some topical pain relief products may cause dangerous health effects, FDA warns

Certain topical pain relief products that contain high amounts of lidocaine could lead to serious health effects such as seizures, irregular heartbeat and difficulty breathing.