Suspect's father says son confessed to killing ex-girlfriend, dumping her in parking garage

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Treashell Spears

A woman found beaten to death, dumped in a Highland Park parking structure.

Prosecutors say her ex-boyfriend is responsible and he is on trial for the murder of Treashell Spears. On Tuesday the father of suspect Durico Moses recalled a shocking conversation he had with his son.

"I asked him 'Why did you try to commit who suicide?' He told me 'Dad I don't want you to get involved in this,'" Larry Moses said. "He told me he drove down a dead end street and drive into this vacant garage. And he said 'That's when I killed her.'"

Spears, 44, was Durico Moses' girlfriend, and was discovered in January by urban explorers in an abandoned parking garage.

One of the people who found her also took the stand.

"Seeing the person that was slouched against the parking structure and not be moving, and that she appeared well dressed, I just knew something was wrong," the witness testified.

Attorney: "Was there any response from the figure you saw?"

"No, not even with the yelling or the vehicle backing up multiple times," the witness said.

Spears was a grandmother, working to get her masters in electrical engineering. The suspect's father testified that right after his son confessed the murder to him he saw the report on television.

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"They were showing on the television where these urban explorers found a body in a vacant garage," Larry Moses said. "We were looking at it on the TV and I said is that where you dropped the body? And he said yeah."

Durico Moses has a lengthy criminal record dating back 20 years. He will be in court again on May 9.