Teen killed at block party • MSP investigates Wayne police shooting • $23K worth of stolen goods recovered

A Wayne police officer is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man who allegedly charged at officers while armed with a knife. 

The 40-year-old man called 911 and said he was in the midst of a mental health crisis on Tuesday afternoon. The man also told police he had cut himself several times in a suicide attempt, and was currently caring for his 4-year-old child who was in the apartment with him. 

When officers arrived at Newberry Square Apartments, they said they repeatedly told the man to drop the knife, but the man refused. When the man allegedly charged at the officers, one fired at him, killing him.

Brooks Edwards, who was supposed to be the future mother-in-law of the man shot by police, told FOX 2 that he suffers from schizophrenia and is known to have episodes.

"Police are supposed to be here to protect and serve the community, and not take people out of here who have mental illness problems," Edwards said. "He had a butter knife –not a machete, not a gun – and they shot him six times and killed him."

Police did not specify what kind of knife the man had.

Michigan State Police has taken over the investigation.


Family: Man fatally shot by Wayne officer was suffering metal health crisis

A 40-year-old man called 911 on himself and said he was in the midst of a mental episode, according to Wayne police. The man was armed with a kitchen knife when an officer fatally shot him.

18-year-old killed at block party

Family and friends gathered Tuesday to mourn an 18-year-old woman who was murdered while at a Detroit block party over the weekend.

Keon’Ne Tremble and four others were shot at the party on Albion Street near Seven Mile and Hoover on Detroit's east side on Saturday night. The other victims survived, while Tremble was killed.

"It’s horrible," the victim's aunt, Paige Moore, told FOX 2. "She’s 18 years old. Beautiful, loving, amazing, just graduated last year, went to prom, got her car, working – such a good girl."

The ages of the other victims ranged from 14 to 20.

The shooting was one of three mass shootings in Metro Detroit over the weekend. The other two happened at a splash pad in Rochester Hills and a house party in Lathrup Village. 


Family mourns 18-year-old killed in birthday block party shooting in Detroit

The 18-year-old was one of five people shot during a big birthday block party celebration on Albion Street on Detroit's east side, Saturday night.

Plum Market thieves caught

Three out of the four women caught stuffing thousands of dollars worth of supplements into their clothing at Bloomfield Township's Plum Market are in custody.

The thieves were caught on camera emptying the shelves last week. And Plum Market wasn't the only business they targeted. They hit other stores, including Ulta and TJ Maxx.

"What we see are what we call Romanian organized criminals," said Bloomfield Township Officer Nick Soley. "Ohio, Maryland, Arizona – they’ve been all over the country, at least this vehicle has."

The women were found with $23,000 worth of stolen goods, including perfume, makeup, clothes, and medicine. They were transferred to immigration. 

"We know there's probably a resale somewhere on it, but where exactly it goes and how they resell it – that's a piece of the puzzle we haven't quite figured out," Soley said. 


Women caught on camera stealing $7K in vitamins from Plum Market arrested

Three of the four women were arrested and handed over to immigration. They were found with $23,000 worth of stolen goods, perfume, makeup, clothes, and medicine.

Samantha Wolls ex testifies about recanted confession

Weeks after Samantha Woll's murder, her ex-boyfriend told Kalamazoo police he killed her during what he called a psychotic break in court.

Jeffrey Herbstman's 911 call and police bodycam footage were both shown in court this week. Herbstam was arrested as a person of interest in the October 2023 murder. However, he was released and the suspect now on trial for the murder, Michael Jackson-Bolanos, was arrested.

Herbstman was at a hotel in Kalamazoo for work on Nov. 7, 2023, when he called 911 and said he had killed Woll. When police arrived, Herbstam was hysterical and having a panic attack in his car in the parking lot.

"I murdered my girlfriend and I don't remember it," he told police in bodycam footage shown Tuesday.

While talking to police, Herbstman added that he had a motive to kill Woll because she had broken up with him in July after about a year of dating. He last saw Woll on October 7, 2023. Woll was murdered on Oct. 21.

Herbstman testified that he started having irrational thoughts that he may have stabbed Woll to death after learning about her murder from the news.


Samantha Woll trial: Ex-boyfriend's recanted confession played in court

Weeks after Samantha Woll's murder at her Detroit home, her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Herbstman told Kalamazoo police he killed her during what he called a psychotic break in court.

Keeping safe in dangerous heat

The heat this week will be dangerous, especially for those who work outside or don't have access to air and hydration.

Cooling centers are open around Metro Detroit. Find one here.

With the heat a few days out, the National Weather Service recommends preparing now.

Make sure you have food, water, and medication, so you can avoid spending too much time outside. Also, find out where cooling centers are near you in case you lose power or cannot keep your home cool. The NWS also suggests rescheduling outdoor events.

Also, know the signs of dehydration and heat injuries, and monitor yourself and loved ones once the heat arrives. 


Metro Detroit cooling centers: Where to stay cool during heat wave

With a stretch of 90-degree days coming, cooling centers are open around Metro Detroit.

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Willie Mays dies

Willie Mays, the electrifying "Say Hey Kid" whose singular combination of talent, drive and exuberance made him one of baseball's greatest and most beloved players, has died. He was 93.

Mays' family and the Giants jointly announced his death on Tuesday.

San Francisco Giants wrote of the Giants legend and Hall of Famer on social media, "It is with great sadness that we announce that San Francisco Giants Legend and Hall of Famer Willie Mays Passed away peacefully this afternoon at the age of 93."

"My father has passed away peacefully and among loved ones," said Michael Mays. "I want to thank you all from the bottom of my broken heart for the unwavering love you have shown him over the years. You have been his life’s blood."

Just yesterday, Mays said he would not be able to attend a Negro League tribute game in Alabama due to his ailing health.


Willie Mays dies: Giants legend and MLB Hall of Famer was 93

Willie Mays, the electrifying "Say Hey Kid" whose singular combination of talent, drive and exuberance made him one of baseball's greatest and most beloved players, has died. He was 93.