Woman shot at by mother who hit her own toddler in Uber Eats dispute says what happened

Detroit police say the baby who was shot in the hip is still in critical condition, her mother still locked up in the Detroit Detention Center.

"It hurt my heart that little baby got shot," said Danniea Daniels. "I didn’t know the baby was in the car, the way she was shooting at her car."

Daniels says the bullet that struck a 21-month-old girl Monday night was meant for her, her fiance or her neighbor.

The 30-year-old mother did not want us to show her face on tv, but she lives next door to the woman who accidentally shot her daughter after an altercation over an Uber Eats meal. 

Daniels says another one of their neighbors ate the food after seeing that it sat untouched for about half an hour after it was dropped off. Then all hell broke loose.

"As soon as she came on the porch she just attacked the girl from the get-go," Daniels said. "Then she’s always quick, 'I’m going to get my gun, I’m going to get my gun.' That’s why I ran my kids out of the house."

Daniels says her fiance tried to play the peacemaker, breaking up the fight and offering to pay the woman for that Uber Eats meal. It was an offer she turned down. 

"By the time I come around the bend she’s fighting, I mean she’s arguing with him," Daniels said. "So I run up on her and I say whatever and next thing you know, we get to fighting. And amidst of (us) fighting, my fiancé is trying to break the fight up."

Daniels says she, her husband, and the neighbor who ate that Uber Eats meals were standing near the woman’s car when she pulled out a gun and started shooting, missing her intended targets, but accidentally hitting her 21-month-old baby who remains in the hospital. 

"If you can avoid a situation because you have kids and you can walk away from it with your kids, you do that," Daniels said.

The toddler's mother is a CPL holder. FOX 2 stopped by the suspect's home Tuesday night in hopes of talking with her family. No one answered the door although some people were home.

Police say investigators will be getting a warrant request to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office as soon as possible. 

Daniels claims that a hammer was at the scene because her grandfather had been doing work on her house, but it was never used in the altercation.

FOX 2 reached out to Chad King, a CPL instructor (Apex Defense) and president of the Black Bottom Gun Club for some insight on the situation.

King said in a statement:

"This story is heartbreaking, but it is a reminder of how critical it is to be a responsible gun owner by following the rules of firearm safety. In this instance being cognizant of what's around a perceived threat and ensuring there isn't a loved one or an innocent in the way, and understanding that the firearm is a tool of absolute last resort.

"Conflict avoidance and mitigation are the first tools. Not only that, but a CPL holder had to know that they're held to a higher standard under the law. The family has my prayers for the recovery of the baby, and in dealing with this case."