DPD officer dragged by drifting car • 2 arrested in 11-year-old's death • Michigan gas breaks $5 a gallon

An officer was injured and a suspect driver is missing after Detroit police responded to reports of potential street racing in the downtown area Monday.

The suspect's charges were severely escalated from drifting-related to offenses to attempted murder, police said following the clash.

A Ford Mustang dragged a police officer into a fence line, prompting another deputy to fire on the vehicle over concerns of safety early Monday around 3:30 a.m.

The officer is expected to make a full recovery.

"You have someone who is now starting to do the drifting thing and now he's escalated his charges once we get him in custody," said Detroit Asst. Chief Charles Fitzgerald. "Once we get a type on them, he's going to escalate his charge to assault with intent to commit murder."

The scene unfolded on Bagley Street west of the downtown area near Vermont when police investigating reports of street racing came upon a scene confirming their suspicions. 

According to police, when officers approached the suspect vehicle, the driver put the Mustang in reverse, dragging the deputy with them. Several shots were fired from the officer's partner.

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The suspect fled the scene after making contact with the officer. 

It was found five miles from the scene, but with no one in it. Both the suspect driver and a passenger that was believed to be in the vehicle are missing. 

Michigan gas prices break $5 a gallon

Michigan saw another surge in gas prices from last week after costs rose another 44 cents, reaching more than $5 a gallon. It's another record high for the state, which has continued breaking its own high gas mark this year. The average cost in the state sits at $5.04 a gallon - 74 cents higher than last month and two dollars higher than last year.

That means motorists are paying $75 for a full 15-gallon tank of gas. Gasoline demand from Memorial Day Weekend pushed prices up last week. Supply and demand dynamics have continued roiling markets since while the volatility in the market looks unlikely to scale back anytime soon.

Supply worries over Europe's measured exit from policy importing oil from Russia is driving up the crude prices. China has also lifted its COVID-19 restrictions in one of its biggest cities: Shanghai. That has pushed gasoline demand up higher. 

The most expensive gas in Michigan can be found in Metro Detroit, according to AAA, at $5.12 a gallon. Ann Arbor is behind at $5.07, and then Flint at $5.01. The cheapest gas was in Marquette.

Father of 5 severely injured after car accident

A Detroit father of five is currently fighting for his life after a car accident on May 28. Thirty-four-year-old Dejaun Hill was taking a quick ride to the store in a three-wheel vehicle called a Slingshot.

"He has five kids. He just had a baby on May 8th 2022... a newborn son. He has two jobs that he can't work right now because of his condition." Dejaun is currently in the hospital on a ventilator fighting for his life. The crash happened not too far from his home.

"He just wanted to go to the store and he saw the nice car... and he wanted a ride and it has him fighting for his life right now." He was the passenger in the Slingshot. FOX 2 was told that the Slingshot collided with a motorcycle on Abington Avenue and Plymouth Road, near the Southfield Freeway and I-96.

"The accident happened so fast he lived here on the corner... just going to the store," said Aaron Brown, Dejaun's friend. It's been one week since the crash. Without being able to work, his family is struggling in every aspect of life. "My brother is fighting for his life right now in the ICU," said Javiana Hill, Dejaun's sister. "We just ask people to help if they can help." His family created a GoFundMe to help fund his medical expenses. Anyone interested in donating can do so here.

Power gives Penske, Chevrolet win in final Belle Isle race

Will Power had victory within reach on Belle Isle a year ago until a late red-flag led to an electrical malfunction that ruined his race. In his mind, the Detroit Grand Prix owed him one. And when Power gets his mind set on something, there’s no holding him back.

Power charged from 16th to the win Sunday to close out the Belle Isle era with a Team Penske victory that returned the Australian to the IndyCar points lead. Power passed teammate and pole-sitter Josef Newgarden on lap 14 and never looked back, leading 55 of the 70 laps as he found himself in "the zone."

"It’s hard to get to that place. I used to be there a lot often when I was younger," said the 41-year-old. "It’s just one of those zones where everything’s clicking so well, you’re 100% in the middle, it’s that flow state. Hard to explain. But I would get in that state for qualifying often, pump out some pretty ridiculous laps. That was the race for me. In a really good spot."

Power held off Alexander Rossi in the closing laps — extending Rossi’s losing streak to nearly three years — for his first win of the season. All three Team Penske drivers have a win through seven IndyCar races this season.

— Courtesy of the Associated Press

2 arrested in 11-year-old's death in Detroit

An adult and a minor are in custody in connection with the death of an 11-year-old girl in Detroit Saturday evening. Detroit police confirmed the duo's arrest this weekend following the shooting death of Saniyah Pugh at sleepover on the city's east side.

Police categorized the violence as ‘adult nonsense’ which led to the girl's death. It's left the family crestfallen. "Saniyah was a very beautiful, intelligent… she was a very talented little girl," said Lawanda Melton, Saniyah's grandmother.

Detroit police got the call around 10:15 p.m. to a home in the 20200 block of Goulburn after reports of a child being shot dead. Chief James White held an impromptu press conference following the shooting. "Someone shot up the house from outside, striking the 11-year-old, who was in the home with five other children. It appears they were having a sleepover," he said.

There were five other children and two adults inside the home but only the 11-year-old girl was hit by bullets. She was pronounced dead at the scene. White said they don't know if the shooting was a driveby or someone walking behind the home but said the rounds were all fired into the back of the house.

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Meet Patron: Ukraine's bomb-sniffing hero pup

A 2-year-old Jack Russell is being seen as a hero and a symbol of hope in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

Patron is a bomb-sniffing pup who draws huge crowds wherever he goes. He recently made an appearance at a children's event in Lviv, where he was swarmed by adoring fans.

"Ukraine needs some symbol of positivity, and we are happy that he inspired kids, people, Ukrainians and the whole world with his personality, braveness and the job he is doing bomb sniffing," Shchukina Iryan of Emergency Service of Ukraine told FOX News. 

Patron is sort of seen as the mascot for the country's de-mining team, even drawing praise from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.