Fentanyl bust in metro Detroit • Crumbley sentencing preview • Gray wolf shot in Michigan

A record-sized drug bust ends with more than 90 pounds of fentanyl being seized, the Oxford High School shooting saga is nearing its climax as the Crumbley parents face their sentencing, and a gray wolf is shot in southern Michigan in an extraordinarily rare event for the state made up some of the top stories this week.

Here's FOX 2's Week in Review:

Fentanyl bust in metro Detroit

More than 90 pounds of fentanyl was seized from a Detroit gas station owner as a law enforcement operation helped uncover drugs, guns, cash and more around metro Detroit. Livonia police talked about the seizure earlier this week.

Crumbley parent sentencing next week

James and Jennifer Crumbley are expected to be sentenced in Oakland County court next week. They could receive between 10 and 15 years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Jennifer has asked to be sentenced to house arrest at her attorney's home, while James's threatening phone calls could lead to a longer sentence.

Gray wolf shot in southern Michigan

A hunter shot and killed a gray wolf in Calhoun County after mistaking it for a large coyote. Gray wolves haven't been seen that far south in Michigan's Lower Peninsula in over a hundred years, making the event a rare one.


Gray wolf shot by Michigan hunter in rare Lower Peninsula sighting for species

It's been a hundred years since a wolf has been seen this far south in Michigan. "You have much better luck of getting struck by lightning than seeing one in Calhoun County again," a biologist said.

Chipotle worker shot over guacamole

A Chipotle restaurant location in Southfield was hampered by violence Friday night when a customer shot an employee in the leg. The argument was over guacamole, police sources said. The victim is in stable condition.

Bird flu reported in Michigan poultry flock

A day after a person was reported to have contracted the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus in Texas, a commercial poultry flock in west Michigan tested positive for the contagious flu illness. HPAI spreads during the migratory bird season. 


Highly contagious bird flu reported in Michigan poultry flock a day after individual tests positive

Migratory season is the most common time for the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza to spread as wild birds move across the U.S. and interact with commercial flocks

'Home Improvement's Patricia Richardson not into a Tim Allen-rumored reboot

Patricia Richardson, one of the stars of the show ‘Home Improvement’ said she isn't interested in reprising her role for a rumored reboot, despite her onscreen husband Tim Allen suggesting otherwise. 


Sheriff: Chilean gangs back in Oakland County

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard is sounding the alarm again - about the international crime ring targeting high-end homes in the area. "Clearly, I think they're back," the sheriff said told FOX 2 last week, noting the past week has seen similar thefts that occurred last year.

$6.5M Oakland Township mansion hits market

Built in 2012, the people who poured their hearts into this more than 9,000 square-foot mansion, (more than 13,000 square feet if you add the basement), call it a Normandy French Tudor Estate. Nestled in a private gated in Oakland Township, the price tag is $6.5 million. See what makes this home so special here

2024 Solar Eclipse: Where to watch

Solar eclipses are rare events on their own. It's even rarer to find oneself in a position to experience the phenomenon in its fullest. But on the afternoon of April 8, communities in and adjacent Erie Township, located on the Michigan-Ohio border and along the Lake Erie shoreline, will be the lone region to find itself under the full solar eclipse

Have a sleepover with a shelter dog

Get some doggy cuddles and help relieve a shelter dog's stress through Michigan Humane's Canine Sleepover Program. Certain dogs at Michigan Humane's shelters in Westland and Detroit are available to take home for the night. Everything you need will be provided for your sleepover with the dog.


Have a sleepover with a shelter dog from Michigan Humane

Get some doggy cuddles and help relieve a shelter dog's stress through Michigan Humane's Canine Sleepover Program.