Girls jump to safety from burning apartment • Freighter still stuck on Detroit River • MGM strike continues

Two girls are safe after jumping from the fifth-floor window of a Detroit apartment that was set on fire by an arsonist.

The night of Nov. 15, Marion Scruggs is accused of dousing the outside of a door at an apartment in Detroit's New Center neighborhood with gasoline, lighting a cigarette, using it to set the place on fire, and then fleeing. 

"This person tried to kill not just the whole family, but any and everybody that was in that building," said Detroit Police Chief James White. 

A 14-year-old girl broke both her ankles and one wrist jumping to safety from the window. Her 8-year-old sister leaped out before her and was unharmed. Neighbors used a mattress and their bodies to cushion the fall for the two girls, while the mother waited to be saved by firefighters. 

"I think they did an amazing job and I think you're going to do just what comes natural," said Commissioner Charles Simms of the Detroit Fire Department.


2 girls jump out of 5th floor window after man sets fire to Detroit apartment

Neighbors used a mattress and their bodies to cushion the fall for the two girls – but one was injured.

Freighter still stuck after running aground on Detroit River

The Coast Guard will be on the Detroit River on Tuesday trying to move a freighter that ran aground.

Barbro G, which is carrying 21,000 tons of wheat, was traveling from Canada to Italy. The Coast Guard said the freighter was anchored in the river west of Belle Isle when it was reported aground at 7:37 a.m. Monday.

Getting the freighter afloat again could take several days.

"It all depends if the wind is cooperating with you and the water level rises, then it will be a little bit easier," said Sam Buchanan, who runs the JW Westcott mail boat service between Detroit and Canada. "The weather plays a big factor in whether you’re going to have an easy time getting something free or not."


Freighter still stuck after running aground on Detroit River

The Coast Guard will attempt to get the struck freighter afloat Tuesday morning after it ran aground on the Detroit River on Monday.

Body of missing man found in vent at college

A body found in the ventilation system at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts at Macomb Community College has been identified as a missing man.

Police at the school said they found the body of Jason Anthony Thompson, 36, in a vent while looking for the source of a foul odor Sunday night.

Thompson was last seen leaving a family member's apartment in Sterling Heights on Oct. 25 and reported missing Nov. 1.

"There is no reason to suspect foul play," said Macomb College Police Chief William Leavens.


Body found in vent at Macomb Community College identified as missing Clinton Township man

The body of a missing Clinton Township man was found Sunday night in a vent at Macomb Community College.

MGM strike continues in cold

MGM Grand Detroit workers continue to strike as the temperatures dip.

Earlier this month, union members voted against a proposed deal, while workers at Detroit's other two casinos - Hollywood Casino and MotorCity Casino - ratified their offers.

"Trying to keep the generators full of gas and keep them running and that’s pretty much the only heat that we have out here," said Gerald Taylor, a striking MGM worker.

However, the cold weather is taking its toll on some.

"My feet are frozen," Lori Froh said. "I don’t like that feeling – I have hand warmers inside my feet."


MGM workers continue striking in cold weather after voting down tentative agreement

MGM workers on strike decided to reject their deal and are still fighting for a better contract in the bitter cold.

Video shows middle schooner fleeing police in stolen forklift

A 12-year-old in a stolen forklift averted Ann Arbor police and Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputies before eventually being arrested Saturday evening.

Police were called to Forsythe Middle School around 6:45 p.m. on reports of a juvenile trying to steal a construction vehicle. Ann Arbor police spotted it and started pursuing it at slow speeds.

Washtenaw County deputies picked up the chase after Ann Arbor police terminated the pursuit when the driver went across the M-14 bridge while driving on Nixon around 7:18 p.m. Around 7:53 p.m., the boy stopped on M-14 near Gotfredson and was taken into custody.

Police said the vehicle, a Genie GTH-636 Telehandler, was left unlocked at the middle school with the key hidden inside. 


12-year-old steals forklift from Ann Arbor middle school, flees police

A 12-year-old in a stolen forklift averted Ann Arbor police and Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputies Saturday evening.

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Google will start deleting unused accounts this week

Google will begin deleting accounts this week that haven’t been logged in to for at least two years, citing security concerns.

The company announced earlier this year that if a Google Account has not been used or signed in to within that time frame, it will delete the account and its contents – including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube and Google Photos.

Google said the earliest it will begin deleting accounts is Dec. 1 and that the policy only applies to personal Google Accounts. It will not affect accounts for organizations like schools or businesses.

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