Judge tosses evidence from James and Jennifer Crumbley's Oxford High School shooting trials

Jennifer and James Crumbley in court on June 27, 2022

An Oakland County judge allowed some evidence to be tossed from the trials of James and Jennifer Crumbley.

Defense for the Crumbleys filed motions to have several pieces of evidence withheld from their clients' Oxford High School shooting trials. Both James and Jennifer are facing involuntary manslaughter charges after their son Ethan Crumbley is accused of killing four classmates last year.

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Judge Cheryl Matthews examined several pieces of evidence, and announced her ruling Monday.

Evidence tossed from Crumbley parents' trials

Matthews decided that several pieces of evidence brought forward by prosecutors were not admissible in court.

Prosecutors have said that the Crumbleys had a messy home, and noted that James and Jennifer use marijuana and drink alcohol. Matthews ruled that this evidence is not relevant.

The couple's martial problems, and Jennifer's alleged affair also are not considered evidence.

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Additionally, Ethan's internet search history cannot be used during trial, and hus Instagram posts will not be included.

Matthews said there is no proof that his parents knew what he was looking up nor what he was posting, as he had multiple Instagram accounts that James and Jennifer did not follow.

She also ruled that a Nazi coin found in Ethan's room cannot be used as evidence in his parents' trials.

Evidence allowed in Crumbley parents' trial

While Matthews tossed some evidence the defense asked to be excluded, she ruled that other evidence is relevant.

Both Ethan's journal and text messages can be used as evidence in James and Jennifer's trials. Matthews said the texts and writing in the journal showed that Ethan talked to his parents about his mental health, and proved that they should have been aware of his mental state.

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According to the court, Ethan told a friend that he tried to talk to his parents about his mindset, but James told him to "suck it up," and gave him a pill.

How much time the Crumbley parents spent at the barn with their horses can be used as evidence, too, as it shows they may not have been home with their son, Matthews said.

Violent video games that Ethan played can also be presented as evidence. Matthews noted that while many young people play violent games, allowing Ethan to play them may have aggravated his violent tendencies. 

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