Michigan Central's star-studded concert • Gun Violence Awareness Day • Family mourns boy killed in tornado

Today is Gun Violence Awareness Day, a day when people wear orange and spread awareness of the damage caused by guns.

It's recognized nationwide, but the Grosse Pointe school board is facing backlash for declining to formally recognize the day. The district passed a similar gun violence awareness measure last year but rejected this year's movement.

"I think it's absolutely shameful that you didn't at least take the time to recognize the students from this district who died - Brian Fraser and Arielle Anderson," said a woman at a recent board meeting. And you could have done that by just recognizing wear orange, but you didn't."

Brian Fraser and Arielle Anderson were both killed in the Michigan State University shooting in February 2023. Before going off to college, they attended Grosse Pointe schools.

"I hope that none of you ever have to firsthand witness it occurring, but it's a reality and we can't put our heads in the sand and pretend that it isn't happening," said Mary Fraser, Brian's mother.

Students plan to rally Friday morning. 


Students plan rally after Grosse Pointe school board declines to recognize Gun Violence Awareness Day

Students at Grosse Pointe North plan to rally Friday morning after the school board declined to recognize Gun Violence Awareness Day, which is June 7.

Michigan Central opens with star-studded concert

The next chapter of Michigan Central was ushered in on Thursday with a star-studded concert.

Diana Ross started the night before a lineup of performers from both Detroit and beyond. Highlights of the night included a Bob Seger tribute by Jelly Roll, Melissa Etheridge, and Fantasia, along with a performance by Eminem to wrap up the night.

Ford released a limited number of free tickets to the show to celebrate the newly renovated building. Michigan Central served as a backdrop to the show, lit up to showcase the changes the building has undergone over the past six years.

The concert kicked off 10 days of tours where the public can go into the building for the first time in years and see the extensive renovations.

"I feel proud that Ford kind of stuck by the City of Detroit, stuck by our home," Ford CEO Jim Farley said. "And it turned out to be the right strategy."


20K attendees enjoy Michigan Central Station's star-studded concert

With a crowd that is 20,000 strong, and a legendary lineup of artists – Michigan Central Station's grand opening concert lit up downtown Detroit.

Family, community mourn toddler killed in tornado

A community is rattled and a family is grieving after a tornado touched down in Livonia on Wednesday, killing a 3-year-old.

Cooper Drake was with his mother, Corinne, inside a home on Houghton Street near Nola when the powerful storm toppled a tree onto the house. Cooper was killed, while Corrine suffered critical injuries. A 2-week-old baby girl who was sleeping in another room was not hurt.

"My sister lost every bit of her yesterday when she lost Cooper. She loved that kid more than herself," said Cooper's uncle, Andy Sergison. "Cooper was a typical boy. He loved his cousins… ‘Don’t mess with my cousins’ was his mantra. He loved my girls so much and my girls loved him."

The tornado ripped the neighborhood apart. After the storm, trees and branches were scattered down the block.

"Heartbreaking - just heartbreaking and stunning," said neighbor Lynn Swift. "My family has been in this neighborhood for 50 years and we’ve never seen anything like this."


Livonia neighbors mourn 3-year-old's death after tornado

Neighbors knew thunderstorms were en route, but they had no warning of what was about to arrive on Wednesday afternoon.

Animal tranquillizer causing fatal overdoses 

Overdose deaths in Wayne, Ingham, and Berrien counties have been linked to a new drug that's used as a veterinarian tranquilizer.

The Michigan health department is warning about the appearance of Medetomidine in the toxicology reports of at least three overdose deaths since March.

Officials are concerned about the use of the tranquilizer because there is no guarantee that resources like Naloxone will reverse an overdose when Medetomidine is involved. There is also no means of testing for the tranquilizer which can shut the central nervous system down, leading to death.

Medetomidine is used as an anesthetic during surgery for animals. 


Overdoses in Wayne County, around Michigan linked to new animal tranquillizer

Medetomidine has been detected in at least three overdoses since March. The tranquilizer is more potent than other similar animal sedatives - and can't be reversed by narcan.

Weekend event guide

It isn't officially summer yet, but the summer events are in full swing.

Fairs and more outdoor fun are the highlights of this weekend. Head to Berkely for the Art Fair that takes over 12 Mile. The annual Summer Fest is also this weekend in Dearborn Heights. It features live music, a carnival, and other fun for the whole family.

Love planes? Head to Macomb County to catch the planes taking to the sky during the Selfridge Open House & Air Show. Bonus: it's free to attend.

It's also the second weekend of Pride Month, and the Pride events are plentiful. The big one is Motor City Pride on Saturday and Sunday. See our full Pride guide here.


Motor City Pride, Selfridge Air Show, and more things to do this weekend in Metro Detroit

This weekend is full of fairs and other outdoor fun. Find things to do around Metro Detroit here:

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Doctor warns against 'anti-sunscreen' TikToks

Videos are circulating on TikTok saying sunscreen does more harm than good.

The videos can be found just by searching for "anti-sunscreen," but before you take advice from social media, an Arizona skin cancer doctor weighs in with the truth.

Dr. Justin Moser, associate clinical investigator for HonorHealth Research Institute and melanoma and cutaneous oncology specialist, says sunscreen should be worn anytime you're out in the sun.

"People are dying of melanoma every day. Nobody is dying of sunscreen every day," he said.

He said he's seen patients of all ages die from advanced skin cancer.

"It's really sad to hear about these TikTok videos and see people talk about the risk of sunscreen. Especially someone like myself who has a lot of patients in their 20s and 30s who are dying from advanced skin cancers that are preventable with sunscreen," he said.

Influencers on social media argue sunscreens have harsh chemicals that your skin absorbs.


Doctor warns against 'anti-sunscreen' TikToks: 'Nobody is dying of sunscreen'

Videos are circulating on TikTok saying sunscreen does more harm than good. The videos can be found just by searching for "anti-sunscreen," but before you take advice from social media, an Arizona skin cancer doctor weighs in with the truth.