Trump, Biden go all in on Michigan in final days of 2020 election

In the twilight hours of 2020's campaign, Michigan appears to be among the candidate's most sought after states. With only four days left until election day, both Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Republican nominee Donald Trump have four scheduled appearances in the state.

Trump although is hosting the bulk of those rallies. After stopping in Lansing on Tuesday, he's back in Michigan on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Biden and former President Barack Obama will be visiting somewhere over the weekend as well.

Visiting mid-sized urban centers like Grand Rapids and Sterling Heights, both candidates have indicated their path to victory runs through Michigan.

For being such a chaotic presidential campaign in 2020, polling across the state has remained remarkably steady in Michigan. FiveThirtyEight, a polling aggregator that averages out most polls conducted in each state, currently has the president trailing Biden by eight points. 

It's been that way since early June. Among the most recent polling contracted by Detroit media, a survey released Oct. 27 found Biden up by eight. In another local-sourced poll, Biden was up by nine.

But for the wave of new skeptics that 2016's election created, no polling gap could be enough for someone to definitively say who will win the state.

Michigan has proved to be the spoiler in several statewide elections for president. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders triumphed over then-candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic Primary. During the presidential race, a mere 10,704 votes separated winner Trump from loser Clinton.

Hoping to drum hope some of the Midwestern magic he tapped into the last cycle, Trump will visit Waterford Friday at 1 p.m., Macomb County on Sunday, and finish the campaign season Monday in Traverse City at 5 p.m. and Grand Rapids at 10:30 p.m. 

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The flight pattern mimics his trips to Kent and Macomb counties four years ago.

It's not clear yet how the surge of last-minute trips will impact voter attitudes this election cycle, however. Among the main reasons the outcome could be different is the amount of early voting that's already happened. So far, more than 2.5 million Michigan voters have mailed or hand-delivered their absentee ballots.

Early voting has swept the nation as an alternative to using the postal service, which has experienced delays in mailing, as well as voting on election day - when crowds are expected to converge at the polls.

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A lot of criticism toward the Democrat's campaign in 2016 came from running an apathetic ground game in the Midwest, which would eventually flip blue to red for the first time in years. Biden appears to have heard those criticisms and responded.

After speaking in Southfield and visiting the Detroit fairgrounds last week, he plans to return Oct. 31 for the final-final stretch.