Whitmer leads Dixon by 11 points, 67% of likely voters support abortion measure, survey shows

With a pivotal Michigan election a little more than two months away, few things have become as certain as the prevailing issue that voters have on their minds come November.

Abortion is the most important issue to address, Michigan residents said in the first survey of likely voters since the race for governor entered the general election phase of the race. That's good news for Democrats running on the issue because the survey found 67% of likely voters would support a proposal that would legalize the medical procedure. 

Just 24% said they would vote against the proposal.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June the driving issue of her campaign, arguing she would "fight like hell" to protect women's access to abortion. It's become a prevailing issue in many races around the country.

Voter's support for abortion rights is likely a factor in the latest results of EPIC/MRA's poll of candidates running for office, which showed Whitmer with an 11 point lead over her Republican opponent Tudor Dixon.

Dixon, a west Michigan businesswoman has previously stated her opposition to abortion without exception for rape or incest cases. Political wonks following the gubernatorial race theorize that her stance to the argument may cost her voters come the November election.

The other issues that voters cited was education, upgrading infrastructure, and reducing government spending.

The survey results of the other statewide races for attorney general and secretary of state are more ambiguous. The Democratic incumbents maintained leads against their GOP challengers, but by smaller margins. 

In the race for attorney general, Dana Nessel led Matt DePerno 43% - 39%. For secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson led Kristina Karamo 44%-38%. Despite the single-digit leads, both DePerno and Karamo both had very low rates of name recognition. 

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The survey found 79% didn't recognize DePerno's name and 78% didn't recognize Karamo. Only 23% of residents surveyed had never heard of Dixon.

The survey recorded responses from 600 likely voters with an error of plus or minus 4 points. The survey was done between Aug. 18-23. 

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