Family gather for Camay Lowe, Warren closes city hall due to COVID-19, breakthrough in Pfizer vaccine trial

Last December, a Detroit woman vanished from her family and going unfound for a month. 

Camay Lowe had been reported missing by her family before she was eventually found in a hospital in Toronto. Staff there had no idea who she was.

While Lowe's path out of the country remained a mystery to her family, more tragedy struck relatives last week when the woman died.

“I can’t even fabricate that in my mind because I’m thinking my daughter is going to open the door, I’m here, but she’s not,” said Camay’s mother Cheena Lewis. 

Lowe suffered from mental illness, something that her family was aware of. But even with that knowledge, it was unclear what happened to the woman.

“It’s really hard to say and hard to put a hammer on what was really going on,” Tonya, Lowe's cousin said. “At the end of the day, she was sick.”

To memorialize Lowe, friends and family gathered Sunday to release balloons and light candles. 

An autopsy has been prepared for Lowe, in order to determine how the 26-year-old woman died.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help raise money for Camay’s burial, click here to contribute.

Warren city hall closed due to COVID-19 outbreak

While focus on COVID-19 appeared to take a week off as the presidential election filled airwaves during the beginning of November, the transmission of the virus hasn't stopped. 

In fact, cases linked to the pandemic have spiked all across the country, including in Michigan which reported it's highest weekend total ever. 

The unmitigated spread means a surge in hospitalizations and deaths could be on the way. While deaths haven't reached the limit Michigan was battered with over the spring, they have climbed.

Spread has been rampant enough to close down Warren city hall, where several employees throughout different departments have tested positive.

One department administrator is on a ventilator as well.

Mayor Jim Fouts said the libraries and community centers will remain open but public offices will remain closed. 

“I urge everyone to continue wearing masks, keeping a distance from others and only go out if absolutely necessary," said Fouts.

It's unclear when city hall will reopen.

14 Mile closes from Novi Road and M-5

A big road construction project will close 14 Mile Road from M-5 to Decker/Novi Road beginning Nov. 9.

The construction will take place on the Commerce Township Novi border and last until Jan. 11.

The Road Commission for Oakland County is installing a water main.

The detour for 14 Mile Road through traffic will be Decker Road to Maple Road to M-5 before getting back on 14 Mile Road.

The construction is expected to impact the paths of more than 11,000 vehicles a day.

INTERVIEW: Brenda Lawrence on 2020 win

Rep. Brenda Lawrence scored her fourth consecutive win in her tenure in Congress when she handily won reelection for the state's 14th seat.

But it's not Lawrence's win that made the biggest impact on her during the 2020 election cycle. Instead, it was seeing a woman in the executive seat.

"I am so excited that we are going to have not only a change in the White House, which I felt was very much needed, but we're making history," Lawrence said. "We have a Black woman who will be vice president of the United States."

She also saluted Biden for his efforts to unite the country - regardless of political views. 

"One of the things about President-elect Joe Biden's campaign is that he talked about representing America," she said. "He talked about even if you didn't vote for me, I promise to be your president."

Watch the entire interview here.

16-year-old murdered on Beaconsfield

Detroit police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old female near I-94 and Outer Drive.

Around 8:25 p.m Sunday, police say the victim got involved in a dispute with a known suspect. A single shot was fired before one suspect left the home with two other suspects. 

The shot fatally wounded the victim. It happened at the 9100 block of Beaconsfield.

Medics transported the victim to a local hospital where she was pronounced deceased. 

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the death.

Let It Rip: Was there election fraud in Detroit?

While the election outcome appears to be settled, calls of voter fraud and irregularities have persisted.

Among the states where the calls have been loudest is in Detroit, where officials have theorized there were fraudulent tactics used while counting mail-in ballots.

So far, there have been no credible allegations of fraud. So how do people approach these claims? And how should politicians and residents treat claims from President Donald Trump that the election was stolen?

Discussing those themes are Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell and newly-election Republican Rep. Lisa McClain, as well as Attorneys Lawrence Garcia and Katherine Henry.

Watch their take on Sunday's Let it Rip here.

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Pfizer signals vaccine effective against COVID-19

 Pfizer says an early peek at its vaccine data suggests the shots may be 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, indicating the company is on track later this month to file an emergency use application with U.S. regulators.

Monday's announcement doesn't mean a vaccine is imminent: This interim analysis, from an independent data monitoring board, looked at 94 infections recorded so far in a study that has enrolled nearly 44,000 people in the U.S. and five other countries.

Pfizer Inc. did not provide any more details about those cases, and cautioned the initial protection rate might change by the time the study ends. Even revealing such early data is highly unusual. 

"We're in a position potentially to be able to offer some hope," Dr. Bill Gruber, Pfizer's senior vice president of clinical development, told The Associated Press. "We're very encouraged."

Authorities have stressed it's unlikely any vaccine will arrive much before the end of the year, and limited initial supplies will be rationed.

The shots made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech are among 10 possible vaccine candidates in late-stage testing around the world -- four of them so far in huge studies in the U.S. Another U.S. company, Moderna Inc., also has said it hopes to be able to file an application with the Food and Drug Administration later this month.