Jennifer Crumbley's jury selection • Suspect in Samantha Woll's murder going to trial • Thief runs over woman

Jury selection for Jennifer Crumbley continues Wednesday.

Jennifer is the first of the Oxford High School shooter's parents to go to trial.

She is facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Her husband, James Crumbley, faces the same charges.

The parents are accused of ignoring their son's mental health and providing him with the weapon that he used to kill four students at the school on Nov. 30, 2021. Their son was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole late last year.

They are the first parents of a mass shooter to be charged for their child's crimes.

The Crumbley parents were due to go on trial together on Jan. 23, 2024. However, last fall, the two requested to have their trials severed, which was granted by Judge Cheryl Mathews. 


Trial for Oxford High School shooter's mom Jennifer Crumbley begins Tuesday with jury selection

Jury selection begins for Jennifer Crumbley's trial on Tuesday after she was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. It's the first time the parent of a mass shooter has been charged.

Suspect in Samantha Woll's murder headed to trial

Michael Jackson-Bolanos, the man accused of killing prominent Jewish leader Samantha Woll, is going to trial.

After a preliminary exam Tuesday, Judge Kenneth King announced that the 28-year-old was bound over for trial.

Woll was found stabbed to death outside her Detroit home on Oct. 21, 2023. Jackson-Bolanos was arrested on Nov. 30, 2023.

Investigators say they found her blood on Jackson-Bolanos' jacket, but King questioned if Bolanos was actually the murderer.

"What I do find a little peculiar is that in a crime scene that was this bloody, that such a small amount of blood would be found on the defendant's clothes. This place was literally covered in blood," King said.

King described Jackson-Bolanos as a thief, but nothing was missing from inside Woll's home. He said as she stumbled outside for help, he may have stumbled onto where she was and came into contact with her body - looking to steal something from her, and leading to the small amount of blood on him.

"Whoever did this had ample opportunity to reflect on their actions when they stabbed for the first time (to the) eighth time," King said.


Suspect in Samantha Woll murder bound over for trial; judge says case could go 'either way'

The defense attorney questioned Detroit police - who gathered hours of video evidence to track the defendant from his apartment to Joliet Place.

Thief runs over woman with her own vehicle

A woman now has a broken leg after a man stole her car from a Detroit gas station and ran her over.

Mary Pridgen was with her 12-year-old daughter at a Mobil on McNichols and I-75 on Sunday. As they walked out, Pridgen saw a car that looked just like hers taking off, she said. When she realized it was her car, she ran over to try and stop the man stealing it. He ran her over, broke her leg, and got away.

"He definitely could’ve killed me. He never stopped. He never broke," she said. "Even when he did hit me. He kept going. He never stopped."

Pridgen had to undergo five-hour emergency foot surgery on Monday. She is still recovering in the hospital. Doctors told her she will not be able to put weight on her leg for at least three months.

"It’s like a bad dream every time I think about it," Pridgen said. "I just went from having a nice time, rooting (for) the lions, screaming, and hooting, and hollering… now I'm car-less and legless."


'He never stopped': Woman struck by her own car at Detroit gas station

Mary Pridgen, a mother of five, was run over by her own car after a man stole it while she was at a Detroit gas station with her 12-year-old daughter.

Community rescues boy who fell through frozen pond

First responders and community members jumped in to help after a 12-year-old boy fell through ice and into a pond in Dundee on Tuesday morning.

Police responded to the pond outside Cabela's just before 8:45 a.m. after a Hungry Howie's truck driver named Jonathon Garza spotted the boy in the pond and called 911. 

"(I) heard someone screaming, I looked around… and saw him in the middle of the pond," Garza said. "I said ‘I’m on the phone with 911, don’t you worry, help is on the way.’"

The 12-year-old boy was in the middle of the pond, where he was struggling to stay afloat in 20 feet of water.

Officer Joe Schumaker grabbed personal floatation equipment and tried to get to the boy. Schumaker fell through the ice but continued to wade out to the boy.

Two Dundee men, Paxton Barnes and Garrett Desbrough, and Dundee firefighters assisted with a line from shore to help bring the boy and Schumaker safely to shore.

"I looked out my window and saw a kid in the pond and then two cops," Desbrough said. 

The boy was treated by first responders at the scene and was then transported to Toledo Hospital for additional treatment. Schumaker was treated on scene and returned to duty.  


Community helps 12-year-old after falling through iced-over Dundee pond

A Dundee police officer also fell through the ice as he attempted to save the 12-year-old boy Tuesday morning.

Meet the stylist behind Amon-Ra St. Brown's blue hair

Amon-Ra St. Brown colored his hair Honolulu blue, sparking a trend among Lions fans.

"I got in contact with a woman who works for the NFL. Her name is Shannon Furman," said Sarah Colorito, a stylist at Figo in Birmingham. "She’s an amazing lady. She reached out and asked if I wanted to be incorporated in this, making his hair blue. Amon-Ra is working with her."

Two postseason wins and tens of thousands of social media likes later, it has sparked a movement. Now, others are changing their hair color as they root on Detroit.

"They want to do something fun and memorable," she said. "And of course, they had to jump at the opportunity. I went to his house that first time. We were there for a few hours. rinsing his hair in the sink - all the fun and games."


Meet the stylist who made Amon-Ra St. Brown's hair blue, sparking a Lions fans movement

Sarah Colorito is a former Lions cheerleader — and the stylist who helped Amon-Ra create a viral sensation.

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Donald Trump wins New Hampshire primary

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, tightening his grip on the Republican presidential nomination and bolstering the likelihood of a rematch later this year against President Joe Biden.

The result was a setback for former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who invested significant time and financial resources into winning the state. 

She was the last major challenger in the race after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ended his presidential bid over the weekend, allowing her to campaign as the sole alternative to Trump. Haley intensified her criticism of the former president, questioning his mental acuity and pitching herself as a unifying candidate who would usher in generational change.

By posting easy wins in both early states, Trump is demonstrating an ability to unite the GOP’s factions firmly behind him. He’s garnered support from the evangelical conservatives who are influential in Iowa and New Hampshire’s more moderate voters, strength he hopes to replicate as the primary quickly expands to the rest of the U.S.

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