UAW workers to get more than $100 from Detroit 3 automakers for each day they were on strike

A portion of the contracts negotiated between the UAW and the Detroit three automakers includes paying more than $100 a day to each worker for every day they picketed during the strike.

The UAW confirmed reports that Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis agreed to pay the union employees that were called on by leadership to walk off the job while collective bargaining continued. 

The money is in addition to the $500 in weekly strike pay that workers received while picketing. The provision was not included in the announced deal with Ford that was posted by the UAW last weekend.

The additional strike pay was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. 

Details of the lucrative offers accepted by the union leadership include 25% wage hikes, robust cost-of-living adjustments, and roping future battery plants into the UAW's master agreement.

Nick Kottalis, the UAW building chairman of Dearborn Truck, Local 600, says it is a major win for the union.

"That is huge, it’s enormous, I cannot explain to you what that meant to strikers i spoke to three of them, they’re overwhelmed, one was in tears."

Kottalis is a Ford worker with the Dearborn Trucking Plant — his local is set to vote on the contract November 12.

"We feel very confident our membership is going to approve this," he said. "We’re also happy for Local 900, the Michigan Assembly Plant, they overwhelmingly approved.

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On Thursday, President Shawn Fain unveiled what he called historic gains in the tentative agreement with Stellantis, selling it as a game changer for the industry. In addition to the boosts to pay, the agreement also included promises of reopening an idled plant and a $5,000 ratification bonus.

"Not only have we saved Belvidere, we’ve shown that these companies can re-open plants if we unite and fight to force them to," Fain said. "We knew that record profits meant record contracts."

The deal includes close to $19 billion in U.S. investments from Stellantis.


UAW's Fain reveals details of Stellantis tentative agreement: 'We made them invest'

The union says that the Stellantis contract includes gains valued at more than four times what they got in 2019.