Pelosi contradicts Biden on Corporate Tax Increase feasibility

President Joe Biden conceded Thursday that he didn't have the votes for a corporate tax increase. However, Saturday in Michigan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said raising taxes on Corporate America was still in play. Fox 2's Hilary Golston asked Pelosi and Congresswoman Haley Stevens about the potential hike.

Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens introduces bill to lower prescription drug costs

Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Rochester Hills) introduced HB4669 in an effort to curb prescription drug prices and clear up the medicare enrollment process. The bill, titled Maximizing Drug Coverage for Low-Income Senior Act, is designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs that medicare beneficiaries struggle to pay for. Under Medicare's Low-Income Subsidy program, seniors with low wages have their prescription drugs partially or fully covered by Medicare Part D, a subsection of the federal health insurance plan.